For many, if not most people, work pays the bills but is the biggest thorn in the side of their own happiness. Luckily, work Facebook statuses provide an outlet for frustration and anger. Work Facebook statuses cover many different topics, but you should know that it is inadvisable and quite possibly downright dangerous to criticize your bosses in work Facebook statuses.

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Facebook Statuses About Work
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thinks my sleep schedule is getting rudely interrupted by this thing called work. More coffee please.
I told my boss 3 companies were after me and I needed a raise to stay at my present job. they asked which 3 were interested. I said the gas, electric & cable
makes me laugh when people say yipe the weekends here its OK for them but some of us have to work the f**king weekend so stop rubbing it in
Off to entertain strangers and pretend like I really care.
works well with others as long as they leave me the hell alone.
Why do people lie and call into work "sick?" For once I'd like to see someone just be honest and call in "LAZY!"
there's bill to pay no time to play i owe owe owe
due to the outbreak of AIDS, employees are no longer permitted to kiss the boss' ASS!
another day, more crappy pay!
is thinking: tomorrow is Friday tomorrow is Friday tomorrow is Friday
Facebook Statuses About Work
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To those of you who enjoy my tax dollars every month...YOU'RE WELCOME!
A Winner never quits, A quitter never wins...
Just checked the obituaries and the Forbes list, didn't find my name on either one. Guess I'll get ready for work.
Wonders is it bad , when you leave work you scream , I"M FREE ,I"m FREE.
Had to attend a "Workplace Violence" seminar and was very disappointed. I was hoping it was going to be a "how to" class.
has a case of anal glaucoma. I just don't see my ass doing anything today
After Monday & Tuesday, even a Calendar has W T F?
I was SO excited at work when they told me I was chosen for a random drug test. I asked "Which ones do I get to test?"

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