For many, if not most people, work pays the bills but is the biggest thorn in the side of their own happiness. Luckily, work Facebook statuses provide an outlet for frustration and anger. Work Facebook statuses cover many different topics, but you should know that it is inadvisable and quite possibly downright dangerous to criticize your bosses in work Facebook statuses.

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Facebook Statuses About Work
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it's been a week of suck! that's the only way to describe it...just a week of suck!
loves it when customers think they know more than you but come to you get work done then bitch they could have had there friend do it better and cheaper WTF
wants a money tree so I doesn't have to Work. LOL
hi ho, hi ho, its off to work i go, cuz gas ain't cheep and I'll need to eat, hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho
Going to work is so pointless! If only the broke ass people on welfare weren't relying on my tax dollars I would have no reason to work! Fuck off broke ass hoes
I love all the creative status's about not wanting to go to work or hating work but lets just all go ahead and say it finally... F**K Work... Seriously
thinks there's nothing better than being greeted by your puppy after a hard day at work.
Another long, busy day ahead and it's only Tuesday... shoot me!
Guess what number I'm thinking of. Hint: It's the number of fucks I give, and it's not one or greater.
It really grips my shit when someone says to you;
Facebook Statuses About Work
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WAIT! I'm broke.
I'm jealous of Kindergartners. They get lunch AND a nap during the day. Ahhh the good life.
wishes they worked alone, then they wouldn't have to listen to their co-workers drama, childish nonsense and mindless chatter ALL DAY LONG! Save me!
hm-mm, go to work or throw myself down the stairs...go to work or throw myself down the stairs.. tough choice. Oh wait, I don't have stairs in my house
I was refused a job application the other day. I was gutted. Apparently putting "Gangbang" does not qualify as a good example of teamwork
Here is a big Hell Yeah to all the hard working folks out there! If you work your butt off only to get crapped on by your boss, this shout out is for you
I always look forward to going to work. Then i get there, WTF was I thinking?
Working here is like working in a whore house, the better you Perform the more you get screwed.

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