Facebook Statuses About Women

For female Facebook users, Facebook statuses about women should be focused on the positive attributes of their own gender. This approach to women Facebook statuses is the best for earning "likes" and positive comments. Men on Facebook should also resist the temptation to post criticizing women Facebook statuses. Such posts might earn cheap laughs but they will get you a bad reputation in the long run.

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Facebook Statuses About Women
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Says,"If it has Tits or Wheels on it,its gonna cause a lot of problems sooner or later"
thinks that if you believe men and women are equal, then you clearly have not watched a man try and wrap a Christmas present
would rather have their head in a sharks mouth, then listen to your complaining and bitching.
Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ ( John 1:17)
ask a woman, "have you ever ed?" they go, ewww no way
In every successful relationship the MAN always has the last word - "Yes Dear."
So.Women can fake their orgasms.What makes them think we care?
Can you bleed for a whole week and survive?Can you squeeze 14 inch baby from a 9 centimeter hole?Can you carry 10 shopping bags?Boys are strongerthan girls?PLZ!
ask a woman, "have you ever masturbated?" they go, ewww no way
A true Southern lady doesn't have to be hateful, they can just say "Oh bless your little heart."
Facebook Statuses About Women
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Don't you just love those three little words? Three words every woman should hear every day: "You're right, honey!"
caution: today's 'tude is brought to you by the letters P, M, and S.
Jeton për ditën kur do të thuash:"E gjeta!"
I'm a woman, When I'm mad I'm a demon spawn that just bursted up from hell and when I'm happy I bake muffins and shit.
Say it Loud.......I'm Black and I'm Proud!
women should be caring affectionate understandable
I am a woman, not a princess. I have an attitude, opinions, and a very loud voice. I am not a liar or a cheat. I am independent, intelligent, and strong.


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