Weird Facebook Statuses

In today's messed-up world, weird stuff is more common than ever. While weirdness can be worrying, it is also good fodder for weird Facebook statuses. The fact is you always have plenty of stuff to choose from with Facebook statuses about weird stuff. But don't go overboard with weird Facebook statuses. You have to keep a balance or readers may start to get worried about you.

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Weird Facebook Statuses
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In'st it werid, you can sltil raed tihs eevn thguoh the ltetrs are mxied up? It's beuacse the brian raeds the wrod as a wohle. Not the invdiadul wrod! Sratnge!!
Why is "Live" backwards "Evil" & "Lived" backwards "Devil"??
Shhhhh the voices in my head are sleeping & they get angry if I wake them up
Just saw the devil on their shoulder drop kick their angel off, this cant be good D:
did you konw taht it dseno't mtetar waht way rnoud the lteerts are in a wrod you can slitl raed the wrod as lnog as the fsrit and lsat ltteer are the smae
is on the 7th planet...your anus...wait...
did not LOSE their mind.
When one sees the reflection of jelly beans, put yourself between the universe and bacon, for the sea of tranquility smells like smoked salmon
is drunk!!! The bitch in the mirror is copying me, they does everything I do, and they won't stop it!!
you think I'm crazy? well at least the pink donkey in the corner likes me better. that's right go ahead. look . hes there. waiting to kill u.
Weird Facebook Statuses
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If u knew wat was goin on in my head......U would run like FUCK!!!
thinks that you're just jealous cos the doctor called ME special. Haha, sucker!!!
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - means to fear long words... well isn't that weird
wonders, has anyone been told how to get to Sesame Street??
is on their way to crazy land. Snacks- check, Voices - check, happy pills ... oh shit!
If I disappeared right now, where would you look for me? Think hard!Lemme know!
did not LOSE their mind. The ninja dinosaurs came and STOLE it.
OK i was like omg i saw a ghost no wait ummmmmm i don't remember what i was going to say but then i pulled it over it turned out it was my fuckin dad!!


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