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If you liked the Twilight series andespecially the last movie, you might want to use a Twilight Facebook status on your facebook page. No matter if you prefer Edward or Jacob you can always find some Twilight Facebook statuses to express your opinion. There are even some Facebook statuses about Twilight for those that don't really like he series and just want to be sarcastic about it.

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I am not team Jacob or Edward because I hate twilight and everything about it. SO STOP ASKING!!
If Taylor Laughter was about to jump off a cliff i would cry. If Justin Bieber was about to jump off a cliff i would be the one to push their. END OF STORY..
Bella: "Edward." Jacob: "Bella." Edward: "Jacob, when did you start getting so sexy?!"
Dracula..Barnabus..Louis & LESTAT..Spike & Angel..Selene & Kraven..ERIC & Bill..Edward & EMMETT..Stephan & Damon Wow so many hot Vamps to choose from! :)
You smile I smile You laugh I laugh You cry I cry You Say Justin Bieber is better than Twilight I'll push you in front of a train!!!
Bella gets Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. For the rest of us. Well, let's face it, we get no one. Who's up for Team Push Bella Off a Cliff?
In the 1st book i fell in the 2nd book i got ripped in half..the 3rd book i was put back together again..but the 4th book killed me!! It said The End:(
"you give me everything just by breathing."
says: forget choosing between Team Edward and Team Jacob.. I'm all about Team Threesome!!
I'm looking for a guy with gold eyes sexy voice strong and a vegetarian pretty much like Edward Cullen
Sorry, I'd rather have a warm cuddly wolf than a cold guy that sparkles.
Team Carlisle fans reply,
My rules: if it's pretty, it's mine.. if it's shiny, it's mine.. if it's sparkly, it must be Jasper Cullen's mine.
I'm the person that can set the kitchen on fire by making a bowl of cereal :)
"Ouch paper-cut!" *looks around* "Ouch paper-cut!" *looks around again* "Dang it, Jasper, WHERE ARE YOU?"
I went outside at Twilight, to see the New Moon, then i saw an Eclipse right before Breaking Dawn
Has anyone heard of this new disease going around called Twilight? Symptoms: reading same thing over and over, staring helplessly at You Tube trailers, drooling
I seriously want to see the Twilight fans react to Sam and Dean Winchester killing the Edward and Jacob. Just saying. :D


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