Facebook Statuses About Truth

When your enemies tell lies about you, don't stoop to their level. Stick to truth Facebook statuses and you will keep the high moral ground. Friends and subscribers will stick by you if you post only Facebook statuses containing truth. The minute you abandon truth Facebook statuses and go over to lies an innuendo, you will be on one hell of a slippery slope!

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Facebook Statuses About Truth
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The reason some people don't like me is simple... because I "SAY' what others " ONLY THINK ".
Always expect nothing because "anything" is better than "nothing"! Then you will "ALWAYS" have something to be thankful for!
I wish you could see the situation for what it is and not what you want it to be, keep an open mind, things may not be what you think..
Those who gossip with you,, will gossip about you.. Remember That
its funny how you can talk about somebody you don't know
If you don't understand my silence, then you won't understand my words..
NO justice no peace
the 1st time i saw your face you took my sight away~ u broke my eyes!
There are three sides to every story: Your side, my side and somewhere in the middle is the truth. But sadly people are quick to condemn just one person.
loves when their extreme independence is mistaken for extreme bitchiness
Facebook Statuses About Truth
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What's the difference between Maddie and Dobby?
In the end, when our lives are over, we won't be judged by how well our favorite sports team fared but by how we treated others when we were winning or losing.
I would always choose the painful truth over a comforting lie.
instead of bitching about something, TAKE CARE OF IT!
lets face it, the only way to get anywhere in life is to screw other people and be an asshole.
The great thing about loving sports is that, even when your team is out, the games still go on. :)
While it is imperative that we always tell the truth, it is not imperative that we tell all truths.


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