Tired Facebook Statuses

When you find yourself feeling tired and losing the will to live, it's probably time for you to go to bed. However, before logging off, why not post tired Facebook statuses? If you play your cards right, tired Facebook statuses will work for you overnight, and you will wake to be notified of some good activity in response to your tired Facebook statuses.

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Tired Facebook Statuses
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Not sure if i should take a nap...or cry about being tired
Dear Mr. Sandman, I think you lost my address. I live on the corner of Sleepless Road and Insomnia Street. Look for the bleary-eyed, crazy person in the road...
You know you're past the point of tired when a zombie can look at you and say, "Wow, you look like crap! Go crawl back in your grave!"
Dear Sleep, I cheated on you this week with Stress, but I hope that you will forgive me and that we can spend ALL weekend making up. Love, Me
is mentally and emotionally drained! I would have added physically,but I can still wiggle a pinky.
is hanging up the wonder woman cape. Contrary to popular belief I can't do it ALL!
Damn! I'm so tired that when I bent over the motivation just shot right out of my ass! Now that's tired.
is at risk of swallowing their face because they can't stop yawning.
I think my mental transmission is broken. I can't seem to get my butt in gear.
is so tired that the bags under my eyes have carry-ons
Tired Facebook Statuses
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My best friend insomnia has decided to visit yet again. Seriously thinking you are pushing the friendship buddy!!!
functioning at a dysfunctional level!
is off to bed before I nod off and have keyboard letters imprinted on my face and then probably fall of the chair. Night everyone.
I'm dragging ass so bad I have carpet burn :(
[Error 403: User has become unresponsive due to excessive fatigue]
Is as worn out as a mood ring on someone with bipolar disorder.
10 minutes of trying to find the PERFECT status about me wanting to go to bed...screw it ill find one later...goodnight insomniacs
When you see the purple elephant staring at you, you know one of 2 things..either 1 your stoned or 2 your freaking tired


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