Facebook Statuses About Sleep

When you've been burning the candle at both ends again – either through excessive studying or partying – a lack of sleep is always a good topic for sleep Facebook statuses. It is fair to say that posting sleep Facebook statuses never gets old, as many people out there reading their Timeline will identify with the sentiments expressed in witty, timely Facebook statuses about sleep.

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Facebook Statuses About Sleep
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Im in a relationship with sleep and i get some everynite...and if im lucky i get some during the day
off to bed...evil schemes don't dream themselves up.
Saying goodnight is not just putting an end to the day, it's a way of saying "I'm thinking of you" before I go to sleep.
The sheep I'm counting keep hitting the fence instead of jumping over it. Either they need to go on a diet or I need to get some sleep!
is laying down their head, closing their eyes and is off to a place where they writes their own happy ending...
Off to sleep and dream about my favorite place in the world, right next to you wrapped in your arms. Now if only I could make that dream my reality.
Oh God why am I still awake? Why am I still trying to convince myself browsing Facebook one last time is a good idea?
I hate the time before you go to sleep at night
Dear sleep... I miss you babe. Dear insomnia.. I'm so done with you! Dear reality.. dammit! REALLY? Hi insomnia, whats going on?
\u200e"Sometimes you have to sleep with certain people to get what you want. In my instance, never."
Facebook Statuses About Sleep
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Is off to bed But will be thinking of you while I do it, Night Facebook :D <3
BC Feeling damn sleepy but don't wanna sleep bcoz u r still awake..:p will sleep after you..:*
its my most favourite part of the night<3 BED! to sleep and dream about the most amazing & cute guy i like so much<3. so don't disturb me! good night :D
Well, here I am, about to try that "Beauty Sleep" thing again- wish me luck!!
Calling it a day, going to bed ! Maybe tomorrow will hold something new . Hope everyone has a blessed night
next on the agenda.. SLEEP!


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