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Silliness is something that always works on Facebook. The world's most widely-used social networking site has built itself on levity and light-hearted banter. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with silly Facebook statuses. They always elicit a response so, if you are looking for activity, silly Facebook statuses are a priority. We have a constantly updated selection of silly Facebook statuses here on this website.

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just remember, "There are plenty of fish in the sea" Oops! There's an oil spill... never mind!
Sometimes I feel like chunky peanut butter -- spread to thin and a little nutty.
you know me..cause you met like me..cause you know me..your my friend..cause you understand me..and your in my life forever BECAUSE you accept me <3
just wants to note that people who say anything is possible, CLEARLY haven't tried slamming a revolving door
Words of Wisdom: "Never go to bed with anyone crazier than you"
I didn't do it. Unless I was supposed to do it. Then of course I did it.
I'm a little teapot short and stout here is my handle and here is my...other handle. Holy crap I'm a sugar bowl!! Why didn't anyone ever tell me!!!
a smile is the same in every language, I'm pretty sure the pee pee dance is too
is amazed that you can hold your nose and hum at the same time. Ha Ha! You can't! Comment if you tried this!
has lost their wait...there they are...rolling down the hill...Run Forrest, run!!
My life is one clown short of a circus.
Knock! Knock!..Who's there?..You..You who?..YOOOOOOUUUUUUU..WHOOOOOOOO!
<-- just got to level 250 in Who-gives-a-shit-ville
thinks we should all jump out of our chairs and do the 5 second happy dance! READY! GO!
Do not judge me because my favourite number in the alphabet is purple! ;)
Mary, Mary quite contrary, watched their garden thrive. The cops found seed of a rather odd weed; Now they's doing three to five
s currently running around my backyard with a blanket over my head pretending to be an undercover agent!
Has a firm grip on reality *~* and is slowly CHOKING THE CRAP OUT OF IT!


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