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Silliness is something that always works on Facebook. The world's most widely-used social networking site has built itself on levity and light-hearted banter. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with silly Facebook statuses. They always elicit a response so, if you are looking for activity, silly Facebook statuses are a priority. We have a constantly updated selection of silly Facebook statuses here on this website.

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Silly Facebook Statuses
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whilst on the face book page Press Up, Down,Left,Right,Left,Right, enter key then right click Then press up then down & magic circles will appear
Off to bed to dream of headbanging leprechauns drinking Jager bombs with Purple bunnies! Happy dreams Facebook!
I went to the gym the other day, and they got a new machine in, i used it for an hour then i started to feel sick, its great tho, it does Mars bars, Snickers
I have skills. I can wink both eyes at the same time. It's true!
People who don't know me think I am being quite because I am shy. People who do know me are thinking, they is being quite, they must be thinking, RUN!
If your happy and you know it slap your ass whoop whoop :-)
I'm a little tea pot short and stout,here is my handle and here is my spout,piss me off and I will shout,get your shit and please get out!!
jack and Jill went up the hill so jack could lick Jill's ass. jack got a shock and a mouthful of cock, cause Jill's a pre-op tranny!!
Don't grab life by the horns, Grab it by the balls
Silly Facebook Statuses
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is feeling naughty with a side of adventure coming on. You have been warned.
I just got banned from a church. Apparently it's 'disrespectful' to run through the church graveyard singing staying alive.
knows how to silence the gummy bears, I bite their heads off! Mwhahahaha
So every-time I buy a pineapple, I worry about Sponge-bob becoming homeless!
let's start a story! Everyone add whatever u what ! please join in its fun!! OK: Once upon a time there was a splatter painted zebra...
2 muffins sitting in an oven. 1 muffin says to the other muffin."Man it's hot in here!".the other muffin yells " OMG A TALKING MUFFIN"
OMG, did you hear that!! There it is again!! It is my bed whispering my name, its missed me, and I don't want to have it feeling neglected so goodnight!!


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