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It is fair to say that sex is a huge preoccupation for the majority of people on this Earth. That's why Facebook statuses about sex always get a big response from readers. Of course, not everyone appreciates the same level of detail in sex Facebook statuses, so you should be wary of offending people with over-graphic or coarse sex Facebook statuses.

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I saw a bar the other night with the sign: "Liquor in the front and Poker in the rear." LMAO!
Wife says "I got a head ache." Husband says good thing I was in the bathroom powdering my dick with aspirin. You can take it orally.
Love-able, cuddable, sex-able, flexible, I'm just so damn incredible.
<--- Remember that name! You'll be screaming it later! ;)
I want u here, in my bed, under the covers, in the dark so I can show u my new glow in the dark ring! fuck that! get a condom and get your ass over here now! ;)
What's UP?..uHM...Gas prices,Inflation,kites,hard dicks and helicopters..
if women are so good at multi-tasking. .. then why can't they have sex with a headache?
Sex is like a gas station. Sometimes you get full service, sometimes you have to ask for service, and sometimes you have to service yourself.
I'm so good that when I'm done, the neighbors have a cigarette! lol
penis+pussy+dark+bed+drunk= it's a girl !
Sum girls beg, sum girls borrow, sum girls lead & sum girls follow, sum bring joy & sum bring sorrow, but the best girls just suck & swallow!!!
No sex before marriage is like buying a new car without test driving it.
No, no I can't be bothered to talk about my problems. Do you wanna have sex instead?
your so sexy you drive me insane. i love you so much my heart is in pain. your sexy voice puts me to slumber. Awh SHIT wrong number!
Snow is like a penis. 3 inches is nothing to get excited about.
I've seen the dirty looks you give me,
I don't know where I stand with you and I don't know how you feel about me...all I know is that every time I think of you all I want is to be with you
why do people say school is the best time of your life when sex is !!!


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