It is fair to say that sex is a huge preoccupation for the majority of people on this Earth. That's why Facebook statuses about sex always get a big response from readers. Of course, not everyone appreciates the same level of detail in sex Facebook statuses, so you should be wary of offending people with over-graphic or coarse sex Facebook statuses.

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Facebook Statuses About Sex
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I read smoking was bad for you, so I quit. I read drinking was bad for you, I quit that too. Now I read sex is bad for you? Fuck that! I'm gonna quit reading!!
~*~Love me tender, Love me sweet, Tie my hands, Then tie my feet, Fuck me hard, Then fuck me slow, Fuck me until we both explode!~*~
Sex is like a gas station, sometimes you get full service, sometimes you gotta ask for service and sometimes you have to be happy with self service!
Me + You - clothes + bed x 1hr = sexy-time ; )
If you can't make me think, laugh, or cum, then FUCK OFF
The Sperm Whale is the 2nd largest Whale in the ocean and ejaculates 100,000 oz (625 gallons) of sperm a day - and people wonder why the sea tastes so salty ;o)
I want to go down on you and make you really happy, then I want to come back up slowly and fuck you real good, yours sincerely, Petrol prices.
Oral sex is no longer called 69, it is now known as 96 due to the changing economy. The price of eating out has gone up!!
if u want me, come and get me
Facebook Statuses About Sex
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Tell me, is it going in? yeah, is it hurting?..ooh yeah, ouch its hurtin ..ok i Will put it in slowly, still hurtin, oh ya ..the lets try another size shoe!
The right way to kiss a girl: -Push their up against the wall -grip their waist tightly -and kiss their like you mean it...
Quick tip for guys. When ur girl is watching porn and blushes, they's innocent. When they watches it and smiles, they knows they can do it better!
Pimps up, hoes down. Make your girl pull her clothes down. Her hair down and Im down. Her phone off so dont dial.
if your naughty go to your room, if you wanna be naughty head up to mine
Me + You - clothes + bed x 1hr = sexy-time ; )
A guy asks a girl - You ever have magic sex? Girl says, No, what's that? Guy says We F#ck, then you disappear...Tada Bitch."
A woman's boyfriend was setting up her computer, and he had to enter a password. So he put: "my penis". And the computer said: "Sorry, to short" ;)

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