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Facebook Statuses About School
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Student: Another frog.
what does homework mean really? H. O. M. E. W. O. R. K. = Half of my energy wasted on retarded krap! ;)
is wondering why Monday is sssooooo far from Friday but Friday is sssooooo close to Monday. the teachers must LOVE torchering us!
*cough cough* I think I'm coming down with something. I don't think I can get out of bed! I can't go to school! Oh...what? It's the weekend? Okay. I'm better!
don't want to go back to prison, i mean school, i mean prison, i mean school, oh who am i kidding, school is prison and prison is school!
Procrastinating should be a full time job... I'm so good at it :)
College is All About Three Things: 1. Having a social life 2. Making good grades 3. Getting enough sleep But You Can ONLY Pick Two...
oh the weather outside is frightful, and school is not delightful, so as long as i don't have to go, let it snow let it snow let it snow
1) It's the law.
thinks that school is a place where we waste half our life on learning how to waste the remaining
Facebook Statuses About School
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If your one of my friends What is your favorite school memory with me? Let me know in a comment below.
who ever created school must be mad cuz they would never fucking like it
What's the difference between Jail and School? Prisoners get better food than school kids do.
Teacher: Another example.
child: down my leg
SENIOR year needs two important things .. 1- quietu2665 2- some spaceu2665 and it's certainly *FACT* :)
Exams = Studying ~ Take the S T U away and you have Dying ~ Therefore ~ Studying = Preparing for death
Teachers say,"You are here to learn."

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