Facebook Statuses About School

So much stuff goes on at school - both good and bad - that it is hardly surprising that Facebook statuses about school are extremely popular. If many of your online pals go to the same school, you can be sure that your gossipy school Facebook statuses will find a receptive audience. For more generalized school Facebook statuses, have a look at those we have on offer here.

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Facebook Statuses About School
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What does the word C L A S S really stand for [come late and start socializing] Ha ha everything we are not supposed to do, teachers are confusing!:)
Dear sleep, oh how I miss you. We used to spend so much time together, but lately school has come between us. Till we meet again...
To my child's Teacher this year: ha ha ha ha ha ha have fun!!
Fridays should happen more often.
school wt today school i am late for school shit o wait its 8:00am thank God
is pretty sure they liked homework better when it was called colouring.
Kids:then where is my pay check?
TEACHER: What is the chemical formula for water? SARAH : "HIJKLMNO"!! TEACHER: What are you talking about? SARAH : Yesterday you said it's H to O!
Dear winter break, you are coming towards me so slowly. Please start running.
Facebook Statuses About School
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is wondering why Monday is sssooooo far from Friday but Friday is sssooooo close to Monday. the teachers must LOVE torchering us!
wonders why F's cant mean Fantastic in school
i hate those Sunday night when its almost midnight and you remember that you have something due the next day that you haven't even started :(
more study more confusion no study no confusion
Be what you want to be, don't be what people want you to be.
"SMILE" it will make you look better, "PRAY" it will keep you strong, "LOVE" it will make you enjoy life
hates those stupid bitches @ school that say your their friend and back stab u. do you hate them? if you do PLEASE comment:D!!!


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