Facebook Statuses About School

So much stuff goes on at school - both good and bad - that it is hardly surprising that Facebook statuses about school are extremely popular. If many of your online pals go to the same school, you can be sure that your gossipy school Facebook statuses will find a receptive audience. For more generalized school Facebook statuses, have a look at those we have on offer here.

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Facebook Statuses About School
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So when do the Kids go back to School? 6 Weeks FFFFuck
Dear Math, Please grow up and learn how to solve your own problems! I have my own to solve!
Why hello there stress... Nice to see you again... You might want to make yourself comfortable... You will be here for a while!!
i love the weekends but Monday has to come along and ruin it
if teachers are so good and they no everything, y do they always ask us for the answers???
Press "like" or comment if you really don't want to go to school on Monday.
"There's no place like school! There's no place like school!" "um there's prison"
wheres your homework ? at home , whats it doing there ? having more fun than me :/
There are 3 types of students: 1, that make wonders happen; 2, that see wonders happen; & 3, my category, that wonder, "What happened?"
is back from prison...i mean school...i don't know the difference!!
Facebook Statuses About School
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teacher:stop sarcastic.only idiots do that.child:yeah but sarcasm is the highest form of intelligence so i must be a genius.:)
i hate those Sunday night when its almost midnight and you remember that you have something due the next day that you haven't even started :(
I fucking hate school!
*First day of school* "AHHHHH, I missed you guys!" *walks up to teacher* "Whens the last day of school?"
doesn't want to go to that shit-hole that some people call school !
wonders why F's cant mean Fantastic in school
is wondering, "If we go to school to practise for life, and practise makes perfect, but no one is perfect, then what is the point in going to school?"
Screw this muggle school, I'm transferring to Hogwarts.


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