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So much stuff goes on at school - both good and bad - that it is hardly surprising that Facebook statuses about school are extremely popular. If many of your online pals go to the same school, you can be sure that your gossipy school Facebook statuses will find a receptive audience. For more generalized school Facebook statuses, have a look at those we have on offer here.

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When you hear a teacher say "I'm this close to calling your mom" you just feel like saying "tell their i said hi"
My teacher wrote us all a message saying,"Dear Students, I know when you text because nobody smiles at their crotch. I'm not stupid.'' From,Mr. Stupid
it doesn't matter how early i go to bed, as long as I'm waking up early for school i WILL be tired!!
Hi ho hi ho its off to school we go! We hear the bell & run like hell, hi ho hi ho, it's off to school we go! We learn some junk and then we flunk, hi ho hi ho
now knows what FINALS means- Fuck I Never Actually Learned this Shit
Teachers call it cheating, but its not. It's teamwork ;)
if teachers are so smart then why do they use answer sheets
Teacher: Tell me an example of a creature which can live on water as well as the land. Student: Frog. Teacher: Another example. Student: Another frog.
Cough cough i think I'm sick! i have a disease called i'msickofschool-idus. cough cough i heard it's very common for kids my age. :)
The difference between school & life is in school, you're taught a lesson & then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.
Life is like Math... Once you are done with one problem, there is another one under it :)
Dear homework, I hate you.
Why is it that during the school year you can't wait for summer, but during the summer you can't wait for school to start???
What does the word C L A S S really stand for [come late and start socializing] Ha ha everything we are not supposed to do, teachers are confusing!:)
wheres your homework ? at home , whats it doing there ? having more fun than me :/
Teacher says: Why are you late for school? Kid says: Well on my way to school I saw a sign it said slow down school ahead so I did. It's important to listen!
Don't complain about grading 150 essays! You assigned it!


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