In this day and age, when people feel sad they often find solace on the internet. Posting sad Facebook statuses is an easy way to grab sympathy from your online buddies. It has been shown, time and time again, that sad Facebook statuses work quite nicely. The only thing to avoid is overdoing sad Facebook statuses, as this may annoy some of your friends and subscribers.

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Sad Facebook Statuses
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knows that my smile only hides the tears that you can't see.
is over everything and just wants to lock themself in their room and cry out many tears until they falls asleep :'(
Just when you think that you see the light at the end of the tunnel, someone blows the whistle and you realize that light is a speeding train headed your way!
I hate to hear people say that they know how I feel, because if they really knew, they would shut up..
Is thinking it would be nice to know what the future holds for the decisions we make today. If only we knew the results before we took the path.
"Its gonna be hard when I'm gone. I'll take this time to sit down and write you a love song."
it's not that I don't matter, I just don't matter enough.
I keep u around because i think you will come around, but in the end I'm left in regret & disappointment :'(
Maybe I should just quit getting close to people because either they leave or you just lose them...
*Sigh*On the outside, I'm acting like everything is alright, like i am happy. But on the inside, I'm dying to scream, but I'm afraid no one will listen "/
Sad Facebook Statuses
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is looking forward to the day when they can finally say they is "good" and means it...
Misses the feeling of nice warm arms around their, that feeling of knowing they's loved and special to somebody... when is it their time to have that again
R.I.P Trust. I will miss you
says that its not the heartbreak that kills you, the pain comes from all the memories that you have.
I called you today and you wasn't there. My mind wondered off to a dark place and i looked at a picture of you and my heart smiled.ILY hurry up and come home
Behind every smile there is a broken heart. Just because someone is smiling doesn't mean they are happy and everything in their life is going right.
Is emotionally going to shut down for a cpl of days to figure out what the hell is going through their head. And they if they can straighten all of it out.
Is about to give up trying.

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