In this day and age, when people feel sad they often find solace on the internet. Posting sad Facebook statuses is an easy way to grab sympathy from your online buddies. It has been shown, time and time again, that sad Facebook statuses work quite nicely. The only thing to avoid is overdoing sad Facebook statuses, as this may annoy some of your friends and subscribers.

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Sad Facebook Statuses
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FNedCB Major thanks for the post.Thanks Again. Cool.
The only way is to move on, because if you don't you'll be suck where you are
thinks one day your going to wake up and realise how much you love me and when that day comes I am going to be waking up next to the person who already knows
why does it feel like every time i start to be happy . BAM i get crushed, and my heart breaks
I am having one of those years that you just wanna sit in the dark, curled up, in a ball and cry yourself to sleep.
I'm at the point
I'm dying on the inside crying on the outside while your sitting there saying nothing well i guess i see where i stand
they got on their White Horse and left
I laugh too loud.
says "if i was to die right here, right now, would any of you cry and what would be the memory you'd keep of me?" (leave answers below)
Sad Facebook Statuses
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is sad when a few mean words show you a person you thought was a friend, really is not !!
It's an Eeyore sorta day...Thanks for noticing me.
is not a toy so don't play with their,
"Tears are prayers too. They travel to God when we can't speak."
I feel like I'm gonna loose you :(
Guess I'm not important enough for you to return my phone calls or texts and I'm tired of it so if you decide to call or text me don't bother with it i am done
is thinking they needs to go to their happy place
wandered a little to close to the edge, now shes fallen into the world of darkness and despair and they cant find their way back to happiness :'(

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