Sadly, good manners are on the decline, especially in many internet arenas. Consequently, rude Facebook statuses are very prevalent on the world's most popular social media platform. Many people take the view that, if someone is rude to them, they should punch straight back with rude Facebook statuses. If this is your preferred approach, we have lots of rude Facebook statuses for you here.

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Rude Facebook Statuses
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i can't believe those bitches that think they can do and say whatever they want well fuck them they r just stuck up snobby ass wipes! if u meat 1 don't talk!
bully(boy): you need 2 tables one for each bum cheek girl): you need a magnifying glass to see yr dick lol xxx
is officially too tired to give a rats ass,..
Do you REALLY think I care if you don't like me? I don't live for your opinion, hon.
Police woman pulls over a Drunk driver and gets them out of the car. " Anything you do say will be held against you. Man says " BREASTS."
says a good old lick to make it wet, it dribbles down my chin & when I think the time is right I stuff the f*cker in. Cadbury's creme egg, how do you eat yours?
I invented a new word today 'Ass-holism' (today I seemed to encounter a few people suffering from this disease)
I wish I was a witch. I'd shove my broom stick right up your ass.
saw a woman go on the antiques road show,they placed a tampon on the table and said there u go you clever cunt tell me what period thats from .
Is wondering if they make idiot repellent ?
Rude Facebook Statuses
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I'm sorry I don't speak any of the following languages
For every action, there is a reaction. So if you don't like my reaction, Stop acting the way you are!
is singing: Mary had a little lamb, they tied it to a pylon, Ten thousand volts shot up it's bum, And turned it's wool to nylon
Honey, i am and will always will be one step ahead of you. Keep trying though.. its funny to watch u try;)
thinks women are like tornados. In the beginning there's a lot of sucking and blowing. In the end, the car's gone, the house is gone..
remember the other day when we were on the bus, you stuck your head out the window and i stuck my ass out and everyone thought we were twins!
Says police have found a body in the park. Beer belly, saggy tits, wrinkly ass and no underwear. Please friends just let me know your ok!!!

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