Sadly, good manners are on the decline, especially in many internet arenas. Consequently, rude Facebook statuses are very prevalent on the world's most popular social media platform. Many people take the view that, if someone is rude to them, they should punch straight back with rude Facebook statuses. If this is your preferred approach, we have lots of rude Facebook statuses for you here.

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Rude Facebook Statuses
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A boy said to their mum, you and dad made cakes on the sofa last night. their mum said, how did you know? the boy said, because i licked the icing off the sofa.
Wish Murder was legal...I'd have a yard full of bodies already!!!
please be careful and don't choke on my name...i know you love it , you can't keep it out of your mouth
lets start a story...feel free 2 join in....once upon a time
Sex is a sensation, Caused by temptation, To stop masturbation, and create a new generation, Have you got enough information? or do you need a demonstration? :
"Oops,Please rewrite your status so it doesn't contain so many punctuation marks in a row" I can bloody put as many !in as a f**king please!Damn..It wont let me
says "I might not be perfect, but parts of me are pretty awesome!"
This sexy bird looked at my beer belly and said "Is that carlsberg or tetleys? " I replied" "theres a tap underneath love if u wanna taste it!"
You know what, stop assuming, cuz you know what that does? It pisses me off and juss makes you look like an ass.
big fish, little fish, card Bord box... big poo, little poo, push then PLOP! lol
Rude Facebook Statuses
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Just because I nod and smile doesn't mean I'm listening or like you.
WTF?? did you mom feed you lead chips when u were a baby???
it appears that through no fault of your own, your an ugly idiot!!
fuck with me your in trouble, fuck with my friends im gonna beat the living piss outta you, fuck with my family...LMAO, nice knowin ya bitch!
thinks if god made the front of a womans body the council must have made the back, who else would put a shit hole next to a play area?
As beautiful as you are, your still the bitch everyone knows.
Don't worry about what people say about you. I mean, my shower saw me naked. Imagine what its telling the toaster?
"Whoa what is that" "Dude it's my dick" "It's a bit small" "Shut up ! It's just shy !!"

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