Sadly, good manners are on the decline, especially in many internet arenas. Consequently, rude Facebook statuses are very prevalent on the world's most popular social media platform. Many people take the view that, if someone is rude to them, they should punch straight back with rude Facebook statuses. If this is your preferred approach, we have lots of rude Facebook statuses for you here.

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Rude Facebook Statuses
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WANKER! TOSSER! sorry did that come out loud, f**king torrets
girl): you need a magnifying glass to see yr dick
when things get HARD, you just gotta say "FUCK it!" and move on.
Ones that call others Drama Queens are afraid of what nasty truths that Queen might just be saying about them.
would like to know if you would like a big warm glass of shut the fuck up ?!
... Cheerleaders are dancers gone retarded!! Any one else agree???
I'm sorry but I do not recall asking You what you thought! Could you kindly shut the fuck up!
How about you go run that big fat mouth of yours to someone who actually gives a crap about your gossip and lies? Go get a life of your own and get out of mine
True happiness is not seeing the love of your life walk thru the door at the end of the day, But however it is seeing your Ex on the back of a milk carton.
A man & a woman are making a password for Facebook. The man types 'my penis' and the woman cracks up when an error pops up saying 'not long enough'.
Rude Facebook Statuses
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saying its funny how people always have somthing to say about people but what thay really need to do is take a long look in the mirror
you know when you have sex with a midget you have to have 2 play
u kno how guys like to stroke their chin? practicing the flirt. think its retarded? yes! they obviously havent hit puberty? DEFINITELY! ha dont be rude! point!
You stupid cotton picking chicken plucker mother flucker grasshole.Your lucky my mom is around me.
is tired of people who use "that's just how I am" to excuse rude or inconsiderate behavior.
when someone says to you "sarcasm is the lowest form of wit" the best reply is "and diarrhea is the softest form of shit" :)
NO, I do not think I am smarter than everyone else!! I just know that I am smarter than you!
i love you but you don't love me so you can go and fuck your self ha ha idiot :D

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