Sadly, good manners are on the decline, especially in many internet arenas. Consequently, rude Facebook statuses are very prevalent on the world's most popular social media platform. Many people take the view that, if someone is rude to them, they should punch straight back with rude Facebook statuses. If this is your preferred approach, we have lots of rude Facebook statuses for you here.

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Rude Facebook Statuses
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Farts are like people they can be silent, deadly, loud, smelly, and painful
idiot! TOSSER! sorry did that come out loud, f**king torrets
Q. What do women and police cars have in common? A. They both make a lot of noise to let you know they are coming
Santa go into hospitable and says Doctor dotor Ive got a mince pie stuck up my ass so the Doctor say OK Santa i guess all i can do is to put some cream on it
Sometimes I pretend I give a crap but you wanna know a secret? I DON'T CARE WHAT SO EVER!
Have a Merry FUCKING Christmas and a cunt of a new year from everyone at the Tourettes Society
I don't say anything until you give me a reason to and when that mouth of yours starts running your legs better be faster than your mouth.
I come with a warning label on me u might want to read it before u talk to me! I'm allergic to bullshit...
who lives in a pineapple under the sea, sponge-bob square pants, who died in the ocean because of bp, sponge-bob square pants! Ha! how doe's B.P feel now LOL
Rude Facebook Statuses
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when i take a shit all i think of is u
My whole life people have told me, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!" Then they sit there and wonder why I'm so quiet!
will Realize that GOD is the only Person that Fits that Description !
Say's if I get poked on Facebook and I return the poke, is that classed as "Facebook Sex"?
my penis is like a helter skelter slide it costs me so i can use it and the ride is over in seconds lol
bully(boy): you need 2 tables one for each bum cheek
the cops came to my house earlier, claiming that my dog had chased someone on a bike. I said "Piss off, my dog doesn't have a bike!".
says: fuck the police... seriously, some of em are pretty fit! & they bring their own handcuffs! ohhh yeaaa :P ;)

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