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Things don't have 2 be easy 2 be right- but u have 2 be willing to change & sacrifice sometimes. Otherwise there's probably no point in trying to make it work.
The day you wake up and realize that they is the one you have always wanted and loved... Is the day they will be waking up with the guy that already knew.
If you cannot make the time or the effort for a relationship; then it is not a Relationship.
A woman who knows their value will only put up with a man's nonsense for so long. You either get right or you will get left
You may wear the pants in this relationship honey, but I control the zipper! Just remember that one fact!!
Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are
the only person you can believe when they say "i love you" is your mom; they won't go breaking your heart.
When I'm not talking to you, i feel like somethings missing. When i see you, my heart pounds. When we talk, i wish the words would stop and you're in my arms <3
You're the straw to my berry
Life is full of endless twists & turns but how you weather through them defines who you really are.
Boy: How does that help you to relax?
---I've been searching for the right words to say, to explain how i feel, but truth is, you leave me completely speechless <3
says "If common sense is so common why is there so many people with out it??"
Never apologize for saying what you feel, its like saying sorry for being real. If someone really wants to be in your life, he/she will make an effort for it.
Girls rather hear a guy say, “I’ve made plans for us,” instead of the usual, “I don’t know; whatever you wanna do.
A REAL man is one who will RESPECT you even when you forget to respect yourself.
Don't you just feel like a fucking moron when it seems as if you've just put your bf/gf before your friends...
When your ex says: ''You'll never find anyone like me...'' Reply with: ''That's the point.''


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