Facebook Statuses About Rednecks

While it is true that rednecks tend to hold some pretty obnoxious views, they do say lots of funny things as well. Therefore, rednecks Facebook statuses are sure to amuse your Facebook pals and subscribers. If you post absurd rednecks Facebook statuses, you can expect some healthy activity levels in response. We have plenty of silly rednecks Facebook statuses available here.

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Facebook Statuses About Rednecks
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Bullshit stops when the tailgate drops
is protected by a gun carring, mud ridin, camo wearin, skoal ring, boot wearin, southerin talkin, walmart shoppin, Budweiser drinkin, TRUE southern boy!
Ya might be a redneck if you only keep catfish bigger than your 6 yr old kid! YEEHAW
Duck tape can fix anything!!
they's unexplainable, u think they's a good girl, but when u get to know their, they's everything, they's crazy, they's fun, and u never know what they will do next
redneck word of the day- Obama. i want to get drunk Obama self
You might be a redneck if...You ask your 3-year old how to spell a word.
likes old Ford's and mud and horsepower and they go so good together
Who needs a knight in shinning armor when u got urself a yota drivin, camo wearin, country boy :) <3
you might be a redneck if your version of a sled is a recliner chair on plie wood and skies being pulled behind a four wheeler
Facebook Statuses About Rednecks
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Livin it up in this crazy ass Kuntry world!!
is American by birth and southern by the grace of God. What does this mean? I can say anything I want as long as I say: "Bless Its Heart".
...our town is so small that we cant afford a town drunk, so we take turns
says that If at first you don't succeed...RELOAD!!!
You might be a Redneck if you potty train your boys to pee off the front porch.
Riding four wheelers through fields of mud,bailing hay,fishing,and hunting is what us country girls do and city girls cant do nothing
Has a great idea! Just need to find that handy dandy DUCT TAPE! Its around here somewhere.. FOUND IT! Now lets get productive!


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