Facebook Statuses About Rednecks

While it is true that rednecks tend to hold some pretty obnoxious views, they do say lots of funny things as well. Therefore, rednecks Facebook statuses are sure to amuse your Facebook pals and subscribers. If you post absurd rednecks Facebook statuses, you can expect some healthy activity levels in response. We have plenty of silly rednecks Facebook statuses available here.

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Facebook Statuses About Rednecks
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is protected by a gun carring, mud ridin, camo wearin, skoal ring, boot wearin, southerin talkin, walmart shoppin, Budweiser drinkin, TRUE southern boy!
Bullshit stops when the tailgate drops
.I'm a Truck bed sittin, Bocephus Blarin, Buck Shootin, Camo wearin, Country boy lovin, Pure Country, Kinda Girl :) <3
Boredom is dangerous...It usually ends with a statement like "Hey y'all, Watch this shit!" and "Ouch!"
"Real girls play in the MUD!"
I can clean a gun, skin a deer, break a horse and bury my truck in the mud. Tell me, Princess...what can you do? You can't beat a redneck girl.
You know your a Redneck when you think sitting on the porch watchin the bug zapper is entertainment.
Do u want to win a country girls heart, Well you pull up in a jacked up Chevy full of mud with Jason Aldean playing nice and loud on the radio.
Kiss my rebel ass!
Ya might be a redneck if you only keep catfish bigger than your 6 yr old kid! YEEHAW
Facebook Statuses About Rednecks
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if you don't like what I say or how i say it then kiss my 4 wheelin, cornbread eaten ,honky tonkin,gun toting , countrified American ass .
What do a tornado and a redneck divorce have in common? Either way someone is losing a trailer.
redneck word of the day: mayonnaise
redneck word:I.D. sentence:i don't have any I.D. what your talking bout
you might be a redneck if every day people come to your house mistaking your having a yard sale
Duck tape can fix anything!!
you might be a redneck if the last words you say before you go to the E.R are "hey watch this"
the redneck way of wrappin a Christmas present = wrapping it in duck tape XD ! ! !


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