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I remember holding your as you took your last breath, I was so close to you, but I couldn't save you.My Heart Broke, But I will always love you Papaw.
Omg it's 1/1/11! Nothing like this will EVER happen again...except for in 10 days on 1/11/11
my TV is a lot like my refrigerator tonight, no matter how many times i look, there's still nothing there
Go for it run for it dive in head first live life with no regret
"First star to the right and straight on 'til morning".Good Night All >3
I love when my man calls me baby, sugar, princess, darling... Makes me feel like a million bucks!
a horse lets everyone be graceful
People only break your heart because they don't see the true value you hold inside. <3
I must be the only person out of a Million who has never had a boyfriend!
some relationships are as delicate as salt and some are as strong as a body builder what one do you want us to have ?
but it all worth it in the end
Apppfffftttt and a Kuntz to Mark
Finding true love is like finding a star in a cloudy sky.
Mosquito bites me on feet....I put Mexican golden tequila with my finger on it & cured in seconds!!! Trust me.
thought reconnecting with you would be awesome. . .turns out you broke my heart again.
we laugh, we fight but that's only because were not best friend were sisters! LOVE U SIS! <3
i will not die for nothing but will live for something
like if you think we should not go to school on the days ending with y


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