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When you said you wouldn't hurt me i believed it. But now I'm sitting here with a broken heart wondering y i believed
Back in my day, we didn't say Yo, Gabba Gabba! We said, Yabba Dabba Doo!!
just realized the true definition of family "people related by blood, who think they have the right to abuse and attack you emotionally and get way with it!
"Love me without fear trust me without wondering love me without restriction want me without demand accept me how I am"
is doing HOMEWORK ALL DAY long :( PLEASE feel free to DISTRACT ME at ANY TIME :)
Mom: No! Now go to Hell!
all this time i just look back at the happiness i had with you and think "wtf did i do to push you away" </3
really? REALLY? jeez.
& I'm on FACEBOOK BECAUSE I'm bored :]
i just wish that of the blink of an eye my dreams would come true and all the pain would just go away...
I tried my very hardest to make it work. I put everything i had into it. Turns out, you didn't even try to make it work my everything couldn't cover both of us.
somehow the number of people poking me on here has increases substantially.
I meet you and fell in love, i talk to you and fall deeper, but i know your heart belongs to their :(
says if the broom fits... ride it!!
There comes a time in your life, when you have to face the fact that some of our friends true colors, aren't always a rainbow...
wonders Why are we expected to manage our anger,but the people that make us mad are not expected to manage their stupid?
If you were trying to hurt me well, congratulations...You've done it </3


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