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Facebook - Now more popular than porn.
I've got friends that have been here forever, while others chose to leave. I am eternally grateful for those who stayed...I love you guys forever!
hey im potting mistletoe in my pocket so ull have to kiss my ass lol i love Christmas
all those things u heard bout me could be true OR they could be as fake as the bitches that told you!!
boys they fuck your heads up, whats the point anymore://</3
is bilingual, I speak bitch too!
Fuck you and your good day!!
i didn't fall, i attacked the floor.
I am not addicted to just happen to be on here the same time I am! :)
says: "I can't be held responsible for doing what the Rice Krispies tell me to do!"
I'd like to thank all those dumb ass, low-life losers who made me what I am today. without u, I wouldn't have found them!! Love u babe!!
Turnin' 21 is a bitch to go through
"Lord, the burden has become too heavy for me, please take it onto Your shoulders. Help me to forgive those who hurt me."
I'm sarcastic? Really? Well congratulations Captain Obvious you've figured me out!
Its only illegal if you get caught. Until then it is considered having one hell of a time!
Learn what the gas peddle is for or die.


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