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is to the point in life where i could careless what others thinks about me and my actions.. your approval is not needed..
"You cannot be forgiven if you don't show remorse. And you cannot show remorse if you never had a guilty conscience to begin with." - J.H.C.
says "I will live forever cause I'm too naughty for heaven, and the devil sees me as a threat"
's bed is calling, must obey, do not give in to evil Facebook, need sleep.
woke up sleepy this morning. Grumpy and dopey too..and even sneezy. Happy left without me. Doc said they couldn't help with sneezy. Bashful just rolled over. Sigh
Rum check, Vodka check, Whiskey check, Bourbon check, Scotch check, Tequila check, Brandy check, OK finally got the Christmas spirit.
(::[]::) this is the band aid I had to put on my heart because your the one who made it bleed and broke it </3
i <3 all my CRAZZZY friends! <3 >3 <3
you know what just bite me
thought a lot about how to solve their friends problems. But how do you tell someone nicely that their life sucks because they're stupid and make bad decisions?
needs love, care & attention, but failing that a nice hot bath & a glass of alcohol will do!
Love, the sneakiest form of evil
The worst part of Christmas is the clean up!
Boy: hey dad I got a girlfriend Dad: good job son Girl: hey daddy I got a boyfriend Dad: *loads shotgun*
I might make bad decisions, but they are MINE. Why don't you stop worrying about what I'm doing and go get a life of your own.
I have only two requests. Please just say what you mean and mean what you say.
You don't need your voice to sing a lullaby.
has decided I am done wasting my time & energy on those who have made it crystal clear that they really could care less how I feel. Life is too short!!!


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