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You aren't making time for me, so i stopped making time for you.
Whenever you feeling down,lonely, or depressed or going through hard times,always remember that there are thousands of people in the world who also go through sad and difficult times,but if you have faith,strength,courage and hope within yourself,you will get through it and always remember you have God Almighty and the love of your family,friends and loved ones who will be there for you now and always...
Giovanna Plowman, the girl who ate her own tampon, is in a relationship and you are single... Just let that sink in.
Facebook should put a "love" button, instead of the "like" button.
To all those that received a book from me as a Christmas present... they are due back at the library today.
If it doesn't go well on fb why would I want their emails!?!?
I wish my GPA looked like those gas prices
I roll down "Secluded Volcano" into "The River of Solitary". Then, I go down a waterfall and into "Desolate Forest" where I find "Lonesome Cave" and find "The Treasure of Forlorn". Being lonely sucksssssss!!!! :'(
Loved you once, Love you still, Always have and always will.
Što te ne ubije to te ojača, ali ne zaboravite se vratiti po izgubljeno.
profil qirmaqibilen inboxa
I don't want to say it's raining, but animals are pairing up outside...
"Never forgive and forget, eventually you'll forget what you chose forgive and never forgive yourself for forgetting." -Gina Vidal
You have no problems as long as you have air in your lungs and a beat in your heart :)
''Hey Mom?'' ''WHAT?!'' ''Never mind you're in a bad mood.''


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