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There isn't a better feeling than walking into a room with your hair a mess, pj's on, and mismatched socks and your child saying "mommy u r so beautiful" <3
Sometimes i wish i could go back, back to when i first met u, and i could have told u how i really felt and maybe, just MAYBE, u would still be here
if you really want to confuse a blond put their in a circular room tell their to pee in a corner then count all the circular
I am having one of those days where I just want to rub people's face against a cheese grater
Every day that goes by that i don't get to talk to you. I miss you more. Because a day without you is like hell.</3
Life is like a bunch of roses, you get all the lovely nice flowers but you get the pricks with it LOL
Better watch out cause this b*tch has a few faulty wires
Destiny may decide who touches my Life. My heart decides who touches my Soul. But...Tequila decides who touches my body.
u make me dance like a fool, 4get how to breath, sing like bird, and buzz like a bee, just the thought of u can drive me wild..oh u make me smile!
needs to find their laughter again...
can't stand me?? then sit down, if you can't face me...turn around, if you don't like me...good for you, I'm not going to stop living my life because of it!
doesn't get paid enough to sugar coat it for anybody!
didn't give a crap yesterday don't give a crap today probably won't give a crap tomorrow
OMG so surprised you have 5 kids, 4 different fathers and whats that your on welfare. Noooo I would have never thought. Hows life treating you these days?
wants to know if my forehead says "walk on me?" ~ Didnt think so! But it seems to be the favorite past time of many!
you ever want to chat with someone on facebook and as you're typing 'hi' you realize you have nothing to talk about? FML.
says that the heart feels things the mind does not understand
don't change just because someone thinks you should, u r who u r and that's all that matters...


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