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it's raining, it's pouring, Facebook is boring...I'm off to bed to catch some zeds, see you all in the morning...
REALLY?! That's all you have to say after I typed all that, is "K"?!
I do what i want, i say as i please. If you don't like me all i have to say to you is "BITCH PLEASE. you don't faze me"
I love this jacket! I get to hug myself and it's decked out with cool buckles and stuff! The men in the white coats gave it to me. Thanks, guys! :)
Marijuana is horrible and wrong yet its totally ok to bomb the shit out of a country
is wearing their sassy panties today
i get asked all the time y i keep going back 2 u? its because i havent givin up on u, i still belive some day ur change...someday...
Happiness can be yours right now. You want to know the secret? Be happy with where you are in life, celebrate the good things.
Is sorry. I lost my halo, I now have to use the horns.
The more you do unselfishly, the more you live abundantly.
Why do such beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen not respect others when they speak such filthy language?
Wishing I were writing the story ~ the ending would be a whole lot different~
I think my animal crackers are staring at me and are preparing to launch an attack!
No I'm not ignoring you. I suffer from selective hearing, usually triggered by idiots.
hey remember that one day you said you loved me, were did that day go
I am so proud to be at the top of Santa's "naughty" list! The "nice" list was WAY too boring!!
When A Boy Tells You To Suck It .. Just Smile & Say "Sorry Mammy Always Told Me Ta Never Put Small Tings In My Mouth"
When you hug me i get butterflies. When you kiss me... now that is another story.


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