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Facebook Statuses About Life
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Keep believing and standing on the promises of God because your answer is on its way!
can't wait to be swept off their feet by someone that will actually be there to catch their when they falls!
I'll do what i want and you can go fuck yourself! Any confusion in that?
is going crazy. Wanna come? Oh wait, you're driving me there!!!
My mind says yes, but my heart says no.
You know you truly love someone when you are willing to take all their pain away and make it your own. Just so they don't have to hurt anymore.
is thinking.. Which one do I pick? The Red one with horns and a pitchfork OR the one with the pretty white wings?..I think I will go with the Red one :D
I don't think we were meant to love one person for the rest of our hearts too big for it..
question of the day:
Has flipped the bitch switch and it doesn't want to turn off.
Facebook Statuses About Life
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i really hate it when i ask what do you want for supper? and the is i don't know what do you want? grrrr i asked you because i don't care.
When you see the purple elephant staring at you, you know one of 2 things..either 1 your stoned or 2 your freaking tired
I love how we tell each other the same stories over and over again, yet still find them hilarious every time <3
is here truly just to entertain their self, the rest of you just get to benefit from their insanity!
Hand over the coffee...and no one sees my bitchy side! (But then again, I can't promise anything this time of day!)
Ah yes...The infamous 2nd chance...If they didn't screw up the relationship right the first time, then try, try again???
Dear luck : can we be friends this year ^_^ please
Men r like a box of chocolates:at first they u00c3re sweet n enjoyable,but then u realize they're bad for u,regret having them n wish you'd left em on the shelf!


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