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If I disappeared for more then a week without telling anyone where would you think i went???
is day you will miss me and ask for me back. But by then I would have moved on and then you will know how it all feels! </3
Hey baby, wanna come over to myspace and twitter my yahoo 'til I google all over your facebook?
wonders why people think they are slick? If you knew me at all you would know better! I know more than you think I do! SERIOUSLY!!! You've got to be kidding me!
Edward Cullen is hot <3 Jacob Black is OK :p Bella Swan x( oh no i just pushed u off a cliff ( Edward is mine Bitch)
there was a time when I gave a shit, don't be confused, this ISN'T it!
You can stab me in the back as much as you like but when you involve my family that's a whole new ball game big f**king mistake! Just beware! you know who u r!
Let's all beautify the world and get a tattoo :)
Anybody can read a sentence, but it takes somebody who really cares to read between the lines.
Um... Does anybody know what I used to do before Facebook? Like did I actually go to work or do housework or something? It's all a blur
Live to the fullest,Love No matter what,And Laugh at the hard times life gives you.It makes life a lot easier:))
i love this one person sooo much i cant explain it in words :) xxx
If a girl ever steals my man, there's no better revenge than letting her keep him. Real men can't be stolen unless he wants to.
The pain of holding on has become greater than the pain of letting go. It's time to move on.
when someone breaks your heart you try so hard to keep it together but then you find out they took your strength to fight so why even try </3
The keys are always in the last place you look because once you found them you stop looking, idiot!!


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