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Nicki Minaj: pink hair.. Katy Perry: blue hair.. Rihanna: red hair & Lady Gaga: green hair..The Power Rangers have officially returned on holiday in Spain i saw a sign saying english speaking doctor, i thought what a good idea, we should have them in our country ! ;-}
cant talk have to hide from the blue monkeys who r chasing the pink polka dotted zebra who have decided to attack the green penguins in my room under my bed
I would love to see the look on the cashier's face when I walk to the register with all that $hit!!
Oh yeah, that's legit. ;)
its amazing no matter how upset i am all you have to do is smile at me and i forget what has been making me so sad
be afraid,be very afraid,because i know your game and i am willing to play it just as dirty as you!
Is feeling extremely lonely, and neglected right now. But does anyone really care? :(
Being strong does not always require physical strength.
You often ask me if there is anything I want, if you can give me anything. My answer will always be the same. I have you, here, right now.
True love is when you first look into that person's eye and realise they are the one you will stay with forever - Reality is when you know what bullshit that is
In the end, we are all prisoners of our own mind.
Confucius say Man who cooks carrots and pees in same pot is unsanitary
my penis is like a helter skelter slide it costs me so i can use it and the ride is over in seconds lol
I may look OK, but i am not. I might say i don't care, but i really do. I might say i don't love you, but that's not true <3
believes nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending
Today is to share what gift(s) you received?
A heart can only be broken so many times before it can't be fixed any longer. A brain can only tell the heart so many lies before we can't trust any longer!!
Doesn't really give a shit !! what's the use of trying when there's no one worth trying for!!


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