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knows I love my animals when I hear snoring away on my bed and I nudge my dog and say stop snoring! Lol, ha gotta love your animals ! Mine talks to me lol
Every girl needs an old friend and a glass of wine.
clarification goes a long way, especially when you talking to the/a 'lame' brain...EXPLAIN!!!
i c your face n i no that i lov u i hear your voice and no you love me i feel your hand in mine n know that you will never leave me just no that i lov u <3
I'm not jealous, I'm old fashioned!
coca cola went in to town, and knocked poor peps maxi down, down the hill they went, then dr pepper oh they met :P lets just drink 7up xx lol jk xx
Boys are ASS HOLES </3!
remember when someone annoys u it takes 42 muscles in Ur face to frown but it only takes 4 muscles to extend Ur arm and bitch slap that mo Foe upside the head
poke POKE *POKE!* hahahahaha :P
May the New Year find your home filled with joy, your heart filled with love, and your life filled with laughter.
~When a girl is upset and a guy asks whats wrong and the girl says nothing.. It means they wants you to care and take the time to find out why. <3 ~
When Your Boat Sinks,Your Lifeboat May Not Be There! Pop a VIAGRA, Tie A FLAG TO it, maybe some will rescue you! OOPS TO SMALL TO SEE!:)
i love my boyfriends so its its retarded xu00e2ufffdu00a5
I met a nice girl other day, we talk and walk, then went to my house and me and their went to the bed, and later on they told me their full name, it was your sister!
I just want to help you..
Many say young love doesn't last. People move on, but that doesn't mean love cant occur over time :)
I love it when you text me. I love it even more when you call me. But I love it the most when you're right here beside me! I love you baby!
Q: how do you confuse a blond? A: tell their to alphabetize m&ms Q: how does a blond confuse you? A: they tells you they did it


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