If you have questions and really need to get information, the standard solution is to use Google. However, a cheeky Web 2.0 method is to "crowd source" information by posting Facebook statuses containing questions on your Timeline. People who crave attention can exploit questions Facebook statuses to force responses, although it should be noted that many of your Facebook pals may dislike your questions Facebook statuses and ignore you.

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Questions For Facebook Statuses
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Everyone Comment & Like My Status 1)you hate-me (2)luv me (3) lets date (4)best friends for ever till we die (5) mean(6)crazy(7) sexy (8) ily ! truth
is playing the game "Honest": Send any question to my inbox, and I'll answer it honestly!
What is worse - Making a big mistake in life, or living the rest of your life saying "if only."?
Lets see who knows me best. What is my full name, Nickname, My pet's name, Favourite colour, Favourite band, Favourite animal. Go!
If you have a memory about me ....what is it ..?
you think you know me? what is my full name? nickname? birthday? favourite colour? favourite music? best friend? career goals? comment if you think you know!
If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?
Riddle me this... At night they come without being fetched, by day they are lost without being stolen. (Edit before posting...The answer...The stars)
Why is it that u can be having a good day,then all of a sudden it takes just 1 little thing to screw it all up?!
Lets see who actually knows me? 1)First Name? 2)Middle Name (spell it right)? 3)Age? 4)B-day? 5)Eye Color? 6)Nickname? 7)Fave Color? 8)Fave Sport?
Questions For Facebook Statuses
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wants to know if a person with multiple personalities threatens to commit suicide is it considered a hostage situation? And, if they succeed is it a homicide?
do u remember the first time we met? where?how?
did you know that 15% of households in a survey stated they only consume 8 cans of beer in 1 week however a survey of their garbage revealed a lot more than 8?
if i were a Genie in a bottle and i had granted you 3 wishes, what would you wish for and why?
pretty (7) nice (8) kissable (9) all *you can comment or inbox*
MENtal anxiety,MENtal breakdown,MENstrual cramps,MENopose..did u evr notice y all ur probs begin w/ MEN?
You think I'm small? Just remember: Good things come in small packages ... but baby, so does poison. You choose.
What do you do when you don't see any Indians? Be twice as careful

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