Facebook Statuses About Politics

If there is one subject that gets people riled up, it's politics. Therefore, it goes without saying that Facebook statuses about politics stand to provoke a reaction of one kind or another. If you enjoy debate and argument, feel free to post politics Facebook statuses but, if you hate having your views challenged, it might be wiser to steer clear of Facebook statuses about politics.

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Facebook Statuses About Politics
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giving someone a right then condemning them for exercising their right is moronic
I have a solution for Health care Reform--cut the politicians pay by 7/8, eliminate their health insurance and tell them to deal with it!
To all the businesses and politicians who waste thousands of dollars overfilling my mailbox.. Thank you for giving me things to start fires with
wants to restore America to the great nation it used to be. My voice speaks loudest when I vote and send Washington the message, "You're FIRED!"
Principal says to God at the loss of another child,"Lord, why do you allow so much violence in our schools?" God answers, "I'm not allowed in your schools."
Nancy Pelosi got de-throned! Please join me in a chorus of Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!
How is it we can send troops to other countries to defend their borders from illegals but cant do it for ours?
Welcome to the Socialist States of America.
A nation of sheep spawns a government of wolves.
Make them use those programmes like we have to, instead of the nice padded plans they have!
Facebook Statuses About Politics
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So...how's that "hope" and "change" working out for you?
"A right delayed is a right denied." ~ Martin Luther King Jr.
You want HOPE & CHANGE? Then put your Faith & Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ!
The last four letters in Democrats...Rats
Remember when Ronald Reagan was president? At that time, we also had Bob Hope and Johnny Cash. Now, we have Obama and no hope and no cash.
I guarantee if the Arabs build a Mosque on Ground Zero some hillbilly will drive a plane right into it!
The Lord giveth, the government taketh away
if "poli" means many and "tics" means blood sucking creatures then whats does "politics" mean?


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