Philosophical Facebook Statuses

It is hard to disagree with the proposition that the great philosophers in history knew a thing or two. This is why philosophical Facebook statuses generally get some nice responses from readers. Quoting thinkers of the past in philosophical Facebook statuses is one way of doing it. Alternatively, if you think you're clever enough, you can come up with your own completely original Facebook statuses on philosophical topics.

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Philosophical Facebook Statuses
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Rather than assuming you know what's in my heart or in my head, ask me. I'm the only one that truly knows.
it's never to late to be who you were meant to be!
Fate is what takes you from the reality you conjured up to the destiny that was planned for you all along.
In order to be compassionate and understanding you must first be loving and open minded.
Has discovered why losing weight when you are older is so difficult. The fat and your body have become such good friends that they don't wan to be separated.
Sometimes it is better to not speak and listen, than it is to speak and not be heard.
Common Courtesy is a lot like Common Sense: Both are no longer common.
"You can't always get what you want. But, if you try some time, you just might find . . . you get what you NEED!" ~Rolling Stones
Y'all got ta be careful about who you fuck with and who you don't fuck with Cause the shit get wild y'all
it doesn't matter how hard you can hit. it matters how hard you can get hit, get back up and keep fighting
Philosophical Facebook Statuses
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4. The time after it's gone.
loves to color outside the lines. I'm gangster like that.
if someone has MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES and their SUICIDAL,wouldn't it be considered as a HOSTAGE SITUATION?
Always look forward! Seriously because if you look backwards you will trip and fall!
When life gives you a pot of piss, its up to you to find a window to throw it out of.
Some people say the glass is half empty.
Remember, nothing we do can change the past, but everything we do changes the future.
is thinking maybe I shouldn't keep making some people in my life a priority if some people only make me an option in their life. That is an option I have.


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