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There is so much variety in people and their personalities that it is hardly surprising that Facebook statuses about people are right up there with the most popular on this website. Whether it's ranting about the things that people do that annoy you, or laughing at funny sayings by others, people Facebook statuses are guaranteed to hit the spot. We have lots of people Facebook statuses here.

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Facebook Statuses About People
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People r made 2 be loved & things r made 2 be used". The confusion in the World is "people r being used & things r being loved." Crazy but true
Says people are like puzzles..some are easy to figure out..and others are missing a few pieces..and you will never figure them out...
Sometimes we have to take a step back in order to see who's important, who's not, who wants to be part of your life, and who don't!
Some people are so busy being fake they don't realize their words are polar opposite of their actions.
Some people change for people to be excepted. Some people forget about those they don't need to change for.
One day you will realize that you need the people you've ignored...by then they will realize they don`t need you. It pays to treat people right...just sayin (:
never judge a person unless you've walked in their same shoes. you never know what life has in store for you.
Maybe it's people like you that make people like me need medication.
...There comes a time in life when you realize not to worry about the people in your past there's a reason the didn't make it to your future!
It's safer just to keep the wall up, I think.
Facebook Statuses About People
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If ignorance is truly bliss, I've encountered a lot of really happy people today.
The sweetest parts of life are creating your memories. But...The hardest part is saying goodbye to the people and places that were a part of those memories.
looks at people sometimes and says, "For real? THAT'S the sperm that won??"
People that criticize other people are just unhappy about something in their lives and they take the most pathetic measures to make themselves feel better.
I choose to be honest, and people choose to take it the wrong way..
Its sad when grown-ups get involved in childish games.
when people say "Oh bless your little heart" they are really saying "You idiot!"
I can't change people without common sense, common courtesy, haters, liars, cheaters, or negative people but I can change who I keep around me.


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