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There is so much variety in people and their personalities that it is hardly surprising that Facebook statuses about people are right up there with the most popular on this website. Whether it's ranting about the things that people do that annoy you, or laughing at funny sayings by others, people Facebook statuses are guaranteed to hit the spot. We have lots of people Facebook statuses here.

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Facebook Statuses About People
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Sometimes you just have to laugh at the silliness in people. Other times you have to contain the impulse to smack the silly right out of them.
...tries hard not to get too close to people anymore because all they do is end up disappointing you.
People who talk a lot about the lives of other people are those that have nothing interesting to tell about their own.
Everyday I'm learning more about who I am. I am seeing myself and others in a new light and today I have decided I will not settle for less than I deserve ; )
Everyone has some ignorance in them, but it takes a strong person to admit their ignorance and a weak person to think they are always right no matter what.
You can't control what other people do , but you can control how you let it affect you .
"Always tell people you love them, because you may not get the chance tomorrow."
"Sometimes You Can Make The SMALLEST Change And It Could Make The BIGGEST Difference"
Don't forget about people in your past. Some of them are the reason why you made it this far into the future
Some people would do better to remember the times they've been far from perfect, before they are so quick to criticize others for their faults.
Facebook Statuses About People
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sunshine + beautiful weather = happy people! :)
Some people could learn from dogs! After all, "they are more patient, faithful, loyal and loving, forgiving and compassionate than most humans."
I hate people that say, "they's a nice person once you get to know them." They might as well just say, "they's a dickhead, but you'll get used to it
thinks that some people just are the way they are and they will never change. So you either have to accept them just the way they are or leave them alone.
realizes that if my life depended on the approval of others...I'd have been dead a long time ago.
is wondering, When is it going to be my turn to drive the Karma Bus? I have a couple stops I'd like to make!
Isn't it funny how you post a status and people think it's about them, but the one it's intended for is completely clueless!?!
is seriously wondering wtf is with people these days!


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