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Your life, as an adult, is being able to overcome your upbringing as a child. Good or bad, what you do with it is yours. Take it and make something worthwhile.
Break my heart with the truth before you lose my trust with a lie
it's rather something when a girl ditches u for her so-called 'Knight in shining armor' just to find out he's nothing more than a jerk wrapped in tin foil
Chocolate is my drug of choice.
if you are a liar and believes that everyone believes everything you say then you are a bigger fool then that one person who actually does believe all you say
OK, I get it!! You've done everything I've ever done in life except you've done it better, faster and cheaper. What a moron! People like you ought to be SHOT!
Definition of fake people - The village idiot ! - Nathaniel
I wish I had know you were this childish and immature before, glad I know it now, too bad it took so fucking long for me to catch on! is like a mirror - once its broken, its never seen the same again and no matter how hard you try to put it back together, the cracks will always show.
Yeah, just keep doing what you're doing. You aren't fooling anyone and you are the one who will live with the regret someday.
Heartbreak Facebook Statuses
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Don't settle for someone who buys you a coffee, but for someone who makes you one.
Monday..are you here again? I thought I told you to get lost with Tuesday & Wednesday!!Thursday can stay cause they's good friends with Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Life is crazy! We chase what we can't have, and run away from what we desire the most!
I don't care about those people who don't deserve to be in my life. Judge me all you want. Say what you wanna say. But you don't deserve my attention.
If a guy calls you cute, their looking at your face, if a guy calls you
Life isn't about what you have or don't have; but about how you got what you do have, and what you do with what ya got! <3
i only 'forgive n forget' once. after that ur sh!t outta luck! i dont play that game. SORRY!
When u love someone so much u would do anything for them, but they turn there back on u and act like u never meant anything at all to them, what do u do?


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