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Never be afraid to stand out. It's better to be remembered for standing out in a crowd than to be forgotten for blending in.
did you konw taht it dseno't mtetar waht way rnoud the lteerts are in a wrod you can slitl raed the wrod as lnog as the fsrit and lsat ltteer are the smae
Boredom is dangerous...It usually ends with a statement like "Hey y'all, Watch this shit!" and "Ouch!"
your name is squishy! you shall be mine! you shall be my squishy! NO! BAD SQUISHY BAD!!!
Grief is an emotion like no other. You think it's gone away.. think you're doing SO good, and then it taps you on the shoulder when you least expect it..
friends are the family you wish you had. family's are just the pain in the asses that you wish would go away. so don't shit and wish at the same time.
When I'm in your arms, I feel like that's where I was always meant to be! <3
love it , fuck it and leave it!
is fed up with dreams. they needs the real thing
Past or present problems in your life should not be excuses for how you live your life today.
Most Popular Facebook Statuses
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<3 ::God Took you away to ease your pain, yet they left us crying .. but now the right thing to do is think about all the great memories we had with you:: <3
is wondering what the person who found out milk comes from cows thought they were doing at the time??? :S
will need an airplane and a condom, in order to give a flying fuck.
Don't be Judging my life unless you've lived it.
Things will never be the will never make sense...A pain so deep it will never heal...Taken too soon
Your not just my best Friend, your the peanut butter to my jelly, your the pop to my tart, and the apple to my pie!! I love you.. <3
is worried...I heard that nobody is perfect and now I am afraid that I don't exist!!!
If your happy and your know it, "CLICK YOUR MOUSE"!


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