Most Popular Facebook Statuses

One of the hottest questions in social media is what constitutes the most popular Facebook statuses. There is no one simple answer to this, although it is fair to say that light-hearted postings are among the most popular Facebook statuses. This is because they cheer people up and stimulate happiness. One thing is for sure, which is that the most popular Facebook statuses generate huge activity on posters' Timelines.

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Most Popular Facebook Statuses
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life is too short while you still have teeth!
One day I shall rule the World!!!
life is so confusing... what we want we don't get, what we get we are not satisfied with, what we expect never happens & what we hate generally repeats!
When you really matter to someone, that person will always make time for you. No excuses, no lies, and no broken promises.
A SPECIAL friend is hard to FIND,
My smile doesn't always mean 'I'm happy'. Sometimes it means 'I can manage', but sometimes it just means 'I'm tired of crying'.
is looking forward to closing a chapter on New Year's Eve and beginning their new adventures in 2011 :)
face book is the only place you can talk to a wall, and it talks back.
Life stops when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing, love ends when you stop caring, friendship ends when you stop sharing.
Dear Vacation! Where are you? I miss you so much. Please visit me soon!
Most Popular Facebook Statuses
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two things to remember:
~ be yourself, don't change 4 anyone ... if they don't like you at your worst, then they don't deserve you at your best !!
I'm not special.. I'm a limited edition.
No matter who brings you down, and makes your day bad, there's always the people in your life who makes your life feel like heaven. =]
...Always listen to your's on your left side..but it's always right!
Because stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS!
The only people you need in your life is the one that need you in theirs. Don't make someone a priority if they only make you an option !
The funny thing about Facebook is you can talk about one person and it makes 20 others think it's about them.


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