The great thing about morning is that it's a brand new day and therefore full of possibilities. Morning Facebook statuses should be positive and uplifting. Trying to be miserable and gloomy is not the right way to go when drafting morning Facebook statuses. Anyone who hopes to generate activity on their Timeline with grumpy, ill-tempered morning Facebook statuses is set for abject failure.

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Facebook Statuses About Morning
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Success comes to those who have the willpower to win over their snooze buttons. Wishing you an awesome morning.
Why is it called 'beauty sleep' if you wake up in the morning and look like crap ?
fresh coffee in my cup and my FB page is up !..look at that, i already achieved all my goals for the day !
is awake! No bright eyes, no bushy tail. But I'm out of bed & my eyes are open...Now what?
okay, I need morning sex instantly; an eye rolling waken up n get naked coming soon one incredible moment of total loss of control, then I am in control again!
...says " Morning can kiss my ass. Do Not come back. You are done here and NOT wanted any more."
Yours has a bad attitude this morning.
GOOD MORNING!!! OOPS, damn cap locks, I'm really not THAT cheery yet!
Women shouldn't always be expected to make the coffee the first thing each morning. As a matter of fact the Bible says, "Hebrews".
Forget coffee.I'm brewing' me a pot of Percocet,Vicodin,Valium,Prozac,Vodka latte' ,with just a little dab of pseudoephedrine..Anyone want 1?
Facebook Statuses About Morning
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Today's bad attitude is proudly sponsored by the husband!
Have a great Sunday
Says the proper response to "Good morning" is "Prove it!" The proper response to "Have a good day" is "Don't tell me what to do!"
It's one of those mornings where I want to just skip the cup and drink straight from the coffee pot **YAWN**
I think I have morning sickness. Yup I'm up and I'm sick of it already.
cursed the bathroom mirror, this morning, for scaring the crap out of them, when they turned the light on.
is not the Energizer bunny this morning.

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