The great thing about morning is that it's a brand new day and therefore full of possibilities. Morning Facebook statuses should be positive and uplifting. Trying to be miserable and gloomy is not the right way to go when drafting morning Facebook statuses. Anyone who hopes to generate activity on their Timeline with grumpy, ill-tempered morning Facebook statuses is set for abject failure.

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Facebook Statuses About Morning
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just stepped outside, closed their eyes, took a deep breath of fresh air, sipped their coffee, perfect morning! What could go wrong? crap! forgot to put pants on!
says "It's morning and I may have to rise, but I don't HAVE to shine."
good morning bitches
OK- I'm what!?
Good Morning Faces in all Places. Carry the Lord with you every where you go. Have a joyful and blessed day.
Note to Self: Purchase new 'get-up-and-go.'
Mission one accomplished...I woke up.
didn't get much sleep last night, I tried counting sheep but they kept cutting in line, confused the hell outta me!
~ Morning is nature's way of saying: "Live life one more time, make a difference, touch one heart, encourage one mind and inspire one soul."
My alarm clock sounds like this, " mama! mama! mama, get up! mama! mommy! mama! " Only there is no snooze button!
Facebook Statuses About Morning
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I woke up this morning and saw a raccoon and a squirrel playing chess on my front porch. Now I know it's gonna be a crazy ass day.
Good Morning Stress! Hope you're not planning on staying around too long cause I don't feel like dealing with you today!
would like to give a shot out to her buddy Juan Valdez and that donkey than helps him carry the beans!
Night is usually for sleep and Morning is usually for you to be awake, so why is it do I feel like sleeping all morning and staying up all night..?
"There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast." - Anonymous
I HATE MORNINGS! but I love afternoon..

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