Facebook Statuses About Monday

When that Monday morning feeling comes around, it is undoubtedly the right time for some classic Monday Facebook statuses. These are sure to hit the spot with Facebook users everywhere. The best way to approach Monday Facebook statuses is to give it some humor. Moaning and groaning excessively in Monday Facebook statuses may lead to you getting "unfriended" by some of your more persnickety Facebook pals.

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Facebook Statuses About Monday
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is allergic to Mondays :(
Is feeling like taking Monday on the Jerry Springer Show...Monday is a royal bitch and needs to be taught a lesson
Dear Weekend, I really enjoyed the time we spent together the past couple days.I'm sorry you had to leave so quickly,but just know that you'll be on my mind.<3
Monday is so much harder to deal with after a long weekend !
isn't ready for Monday, can I have another Sunday?
Dear Monday, We go through this every week! I don't like you! Yes, it's personal as you end my weekend! Unless you are a holiday stay away!
Monday, this isn't really working out anymore...Maybe we should have some time apart for awhile...It's not you! It's me! I just need some space...
Dear Monday, I fired you last week but here you are again, What the Fuck?!
O.K. Monday you be nice to me and I'll be nice to you !
Facebook Statuses About Monday
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Willing to trade one perfectly good Monday that has never been used (still in package) for a weekend in any condition (new or used). Call me to negotiate terms.
is thinking that Monday rolls around WAY too quickly.
loves Sundays!!! Except the part about tomorrow being Monday!
Each day is a gift. Mondays are gag gifts.
(How many people want to smack me right now?) ;=}
If anyone sees Monday peeking around the corner, POKE IT IN THE FREAKING EYE!!!
Mondays just another reason to be angry lol
You might as well force that smile & suck it up Cupcake because It's Monday whether you like it or not!!


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