Facebook Statuses About Monday

When that Monday morning feeling comes around, it is undoubtedly the right time for some classic Monday Facebook statuses. These are sure to hit the spot with Facebook users everywhere. The best way to approach Monday Facebook statuses is to give it some humor. Moaning and groaning excessively in Monday Facebook statuses may lead to you getting "unfriended" by some of your more persnickety Facebook pals.

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Facebook Statuses About Monday
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Monday? ..Really? I'm quite sure I didn't get my full portion of weekend !
Dear Monday...you are not welcome here...get out.
Warning! Monday is on it's way, repeat, Monday is on it's way - this is not a drill!
Due to a total lack of interest Monday is cancelled!
the best thing about Monday's are when they end!!
and just like that, it's Monday again!
Woke up this morning feeling like it was gonna be a good day. Looked at the calendar and realized ... Ah shit! It's Monday again! So much for a good day.
Yep, it's Monday...yippy-effin' skippy.
well peeps, since the arrival of Monday is inevitable I have to go to bed now...see ya later Sunday, I must rest so I can deal with your retarded cousin 2morrow
Monday Again? Weren't you here like a week ago?
Facebook Statuses About Monday
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Pretty sure my "get up and go" just got up and went back to bed.
's morning is now in progress... percolator activated... java infusion is engaged... and we have LIFT OFF!!! GOOD MORNING!
Good Morning Monday. I have been dreading your arrival, but now that you are here, lets just make the best of it.
I woke up in the best mood and smiling, until Monday bitch slapped me back to reality. Dammit, why does the weekend go so fast?
Roses are red, violets are blue, Mondays are a never-ending abyss of soul-sucking hell, but you'll get through.
People who like Mondays are one corn dog shy of a picnic. -Garfield
So. Monday. We meet again. I see the Stupid Pirates didn't get you. I knew I should have went with Ninjas.
Dear Monday, that better not be your ugly ass I see peeking around the corner!


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