Facebook Statuses About Monday

When that Monday morning feeling comes around, it is undoubtedly the right time for some classic Monday Facebook statuses. These are sure to hit the spot with Facebook users everywhere. The best way to approach Monday Facebook statuses is to give it some humor. Moaning and groaning excessively in Monday Facebook statuses may lead to you getting "unfriended" by some of your more persnickety Facebook pals.

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Warning! Monday is here, I repeat, Monday is Here!! - this is not a drill!
Roses are red, violets are blue, Mondays are a never-ending abyss of soul-sucking hell, but you'll get through.
OK, Monday, you go quietly about your business and I'll go quietly about mine, let's agree to disagree and it will be over soon.
Damn Monday, why do you always have to ruin my weekend!
Monday..are you here again? I thought I told you to get lost with Tuesday & Wednesday!!Thursday can stay cause they's good friends with Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Saying have a happy Monday, is like saying have a happy period. Its just not gonna happen.
ATTENTION!!!Friday will be here soon with the regular entourage - Saturday& Sunday & featuring special guest Holiday Monday. Round of Applause for LONG WEEKEND
Mondays suck...`nuff said!
just when I was feeling good, beginning to unwind, and had a smile on my face, Monday comes along and bitch-slaps me.
Look on the bright side; Monday is when RAW comes on! It's not all bad!
All in favor of boycotting Monday's say "I"
Monday sucks more than a vacuum cleaner.
Mondays just another reason to be angry lol
Monday is so much harder to deal with after a long weekend !
You know its Monday when your left eye wont open and your right eye is twitching.
Eww! Does anyone else smell that? It's.. *sniff*.. eww, it's a crapload of Monday and it's comin' right for us!!
Monday Again? Weren't you here like a week ago?
Dear Monday, We just aren't good together!You show up at the worst times and overstay your welcome.Your negativity is dragging me down so I must move along now!


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