When parents belatedly take to Web 2.0, there is plenty of scope for amusement. Social networking platforms allow cruel teens to mock their parents in funny Facebook statuses about mom and dad. Mom Facebook statuses are arguably unfair, but it is generally all good fun. However, it might be wise to hide unkind mom Facebook statuses from your mother's Timeline, by sharing them only with selected Facebook pals.

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Mom Facebook Statuses
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Dad: No honey for 2 wks
mom, your a bitch, you scream, you shout, you cook, you clean, you tidy my room, you clean&iron my clothes.Honestly Could You Do Anymore For Me? Ty Iloveeyouu!
I am Mom-ready for anything 24/7, I take on the flu, homework,& bullies. I give advice, hugs, kisses,& money. I'm a cook, maid,& driver. Life's greatest honor!
You can hurt me all you want but you hurt my child I turn into your worst enemy!
I've tried and failed at many things in life but I will NEVER stop giving 100% at being the best mom I can be.
Your nasty, slutty, and a WHORE! But deep down your a little girl trying to fit into a WOMEN shoe but it wont happen cause you learned it from your mom!
"I know ur rly upset & sad, but plz dont let it show on ur face it makes me feel shity & i cant deal wit tht"-mom "gee thx for caring about my feelings mom"-kid
Kid: Mom... momma... mommy... mother... ma... momeeeee... MOMMY
is missing their Mom. The talks, the laughter, their sweet smile when I walked into the room. Cherish your moms, it's so hard when they are gone.
Hopelessly addicted to my children's laughter, their sweet kisses, and unconditional love <3
Mom Facebook Statuses
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When all else fails, I call my Mom. they has all the answers!
f i could have a single wish and never have another, it would be to have one hour and spend it with my mother miss u mom
As I slowly open my eyes, I ask myself; Is the nightmare really true? Of course it is, it's something I cannot undo! I lay still and look around and do not yet get out of bed. Until I muster and can control the feelings in my head. Taking deep breaths and starting to stare, I rub my eyes and run my fingers gently through my hair. And as I slowly get out of bed and rise, the vision of my Mother's face comes before my eyes! Then the many memories of my Mom begin to pour. And sadly realize that I cannot make anymore!
Mother i love you i hope u no that
love you mom
my mother is an angel who loves unconditionally. ik your mother is an angle click,,like,,.
i love my mom because she loves me so much
the mother is the only person that forget's to pray for herself because she's too busy praying for her children. Adnan Ahmed

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