When parents belatedly take to Web 2.0, there is plenty of scope for amusement. Social networking platforms allow cruel teens to mock their parents in funny Facebook statuses about mom and dad. Mom Facebook statuses are arguably unfair, but it is generally all good fun. However, it might be wise to hide unkind mom Facebook statuses from your mother's Timeline, by sharing them only with selected Facebook pals.

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Mom Facebook Statuses
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...I Loved you from your first breath, I'll Love you till my last. <3
says, "My mother taught me that two wrongs don't make a right. My math teacher taught me that two negatives make a positive. It's obvious my mother failed math.
has Decided that the Solution to Any Bad Day is to "HUG YOUR SON (s)" and Remember, Everything WILL Be OK As Long as You Have Them <3<3<3
Being a Mom is like being on house arrest...you cant go anywhere including the bathroom alone, and there's always someone asking what you are doing!
I know you're watching over me but I just want to hear your voice again! I really miss & love you!
"Mom, mom, mommy, mom, mom, mom, ma, ma, mommy, mommy.. WHAT!.. hi!
I will NEVER hate my mom, no matter how many times they makes me mad. It's who they is, and it's what they's suppose to do!! LOVE YOU MOM!!
Dear God: Would you ask my Mom to call me. I really need to talk to their now.
If you think being a mom is a full time job, try being a working mom, it's like having two full time jobs, with halftime pay!
Giving birth doesn't make you a mom, it's the time, patience, and heart you give your children that gives you that title.
Mom Facebook Statuses
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ever have one of those days when you just needed your MOM to make it all better?
My life never had meaning until 2 boys called me "Mommy".
loves their mam and thinks they is the best mam in the world.
missing you mom~Hope you are watching over me
i have been called a lot of things in my life: some good, some bad, some true, some funny but the best thing i have ever been called is MOMMY. I LOVE MY BABIES
If you Don't believe in ANGELS... Just look in your MOTHERS eyes
no other bitch will take my place i got
every day we should honour our parents and remind them that we love them. Thanks mom and dad for everything you have done for me. I love you

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