When parents belatedly take to Web 2.0, there is plenty of scope for amusement. Social networking platforms allow cruel teens to mock their parents in funny Facebook statuses about mom and dad. Mom Facebook statuses are arguably unfair, but it is generally all good fun. However, it might be wise to hide unkind mom Facebook statuses from your mother's Timeline, by sharing them only with selected Facebook pals.

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Mom Facebook Statuses
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...My mother is an angel who loves unconditionally. If your mother is an angel click''like''.
I have a MOM who makes me laugh, wiped my tears, hugged me tidely, watched me succeed, cheered me on and kept me strong !!!!!!! LOVE.. you MOM#####💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😇
ur truest best friend is ur mom..some people just have to realise it..have u told ur mom that u love their yet today? cuz you should everyday..I LOVE U MOM!!
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What do u call an employee who works 24/7 and is seriously underpaid??? A Mom!!
I got bored so i put on my moms high heels and walked around the house
I would like to have a clean house everyday but i am too busy keeping my children from killing each other so sorry for the inconvenience.
Did you ever notice that "MOM" spelled upside down is "WOW"? That's because we Moms are amazing! So have an amazing day!!
every day we should honour our parents and remind them that we love them. Thanks mom and dad for everything you have done for me. I love you
Good mom's let there kids lick the beaters...Great moms shut the beater off first.:)
Mom Facebook Statuses
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Your nasty, slutty, and a WHORE! But deep down your a little girl trying to fit into a WOMEN shoe but it wont happen cause you learned it from your mom!
When all else fails, I call my Mom. they has all the answers!
As I slowly open my eyes, I ask myself; Is the nightmare really true? Of course it is, it's something I cannot undo! I lay still and look around and do not yet get out of bed. Until I muster and can control the feelings in my head. Taking deep breaths and starting to stare, I rub my eyes and run my fingers gently through my hair. And as I slowly get out of bed and rise, the vision of my Mother's face comes before my eyes! Then the many memories of my Mom begin to pour. And sadly realize that I cannot make anymore!
My mom is a truck driver helper and she is the best mom when I failed she helped me and when you think you can't she says there's another side my mom tell me that we wants to be my best at what I do I'm love gymnastics and when I fall she makes me get back up and she helps me. But I love my mom and if she was someone else I wouldn't like her but I can't say 1% that she's mean but she pushes me to do my best snitch helps me to be the greatest man I could ever be and I love you mom and no one is like you Nicole waller
Apitipituwiw... Akhirnya..sy bisa bikin status kayak mama asha...hihi..
To whom it may concern, Kids get ice cream trucks, Dads get "Snap On" trucks, think u could hook stressed out moms up with frozen margarita trucks?
Reasoning with a toddler is like nailing Jell-O to a tree...

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