'missing You' Facebook Statuses

When you are parted from a loved one for one reason or another, missing you Facebook statuses are a great way to keep the flame of romance alive. Connecting through the social networking platform, by means of copious missing you Facebook statuses, reduces at least somewhat the pain of being parted. However, missing you Facebook statuses should not be shared with your pals, in order to avoid causing annoyance.

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'missing You' Facebook Statuses
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Counting down the days until I can be in your arms again...No matter how hard it is not being able to be with you right now...I will wait forever if I have to
is remembering some one special today. When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure you love. Miss you so much Dad <3
If you ever miss me to much , check your heart i will always be there for you and never let you down...x
when u came back i never felt the joy , but when yur'e leaving i can feel the pain terrible
Just tell me to leave...and I will...but you will always be in my heart no matter how bad it hurts because I cant let you go..
I Miss Yhuee Budt Yhuee Dnt Care 2 Notice Yhue Have A GirlFrenn Nd Idt Hurt 2 Have 2 See Yhue Whiff Her :(
Missing you jssi
*~* I wish I may, I wish I might.. I wish I could be in their arms tonight *~*
Missing you everyday and every moment so much it's hard to handle. But I'm still alive thanks to my great best friends!
'missing You' Facebook Statuses
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<3 You're my ex, my friend, & someone I can depend on. I told you everything & you did the same. But I broke your heart & I Miss You! </3
remember that saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder".. Well I HATE that saying..=/
I'm not really not sure if i should cry because i miss you,. Or smile because i have got someone so special to miss "/ xx <3
The ones u catch is how much you miss me and the rest is how much i miss you.<3
if you are going to say "i love you" do me a favor and MEAN IT! because i might believe you and get hurt, and you don't want me hurting!
you said you would never leave me- you left
Very few things scare me. One thing that scares me the most is how much I love you. The one thing that calms me down is how much you love me.


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