Facebook Statuses About Men

If you are something of a feminist, it is almost certain that Facebook statuses about men doing bad things will be a good way to make your views known and let off steam. Facebook statuses about men and their actions also get the message across to any misogynists stalking your Timeline. A variety of Facebook statuses concerning men and their ways can be found on this website.

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Facebook Statuses About Men
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I find it amazing that men stomp all over us, take us for granted, use and abuse us and then wonder why we become bitches, well hello figure it out...lol
If you ignore your girl and decide to be a big dick you may just hand their over to another man because it will happen eventually!
one day you might realise that you need me again but im not gunna be here to take you back so wen u start 2 miss me remember that you let me go!
Feels like they is in Oz. they keeps meeting men with no heart, no brains and no courage.
says MEN are like a pack of cards...you need a heart to love em, a diamond to marry em, a club to hit em with an a spade to bury the fukers!!!!!
Mondays must be male... they come way too quick...Ha!!
its not raining men its pissing down pricks!!
Men work so hard to get your attention, and once they have it they ignore you.
I'm sorry do I have "Made in China" stamped on my ass?
asks:GIRLS,if you were a man for a day, what is the first thing you would do?
Facebook Statuses About Men
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I want to run around throwing Snickers Bars at men shouting "Get Some Nuts" =D
Men can multi-task, they can watch t.v., drink a beer, and scratch their nuts all at the same time:-)
the only men u shud ever trust r ur dad and ur son as they will not let u down they will b there for u no matter wat and they wnt fuck u about :) xx
True Meaning they won't sleep with me.
...how is that men can hit a 2" target at 100 yards with a 22 rifle, yet they cannot hit the toilet from three feet in the air?
I want a man who promises me nothing but tries to give me everything.
so that dam energizer bunny can go around powering up ALIEN SPACE SHIPS but when i need a quick re-charge HES NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!!
I don't have PMS, I have MPMO...Men Piss Me Off!!


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