Facebook Statuses About Men

If you are something of a feminist, it is almost certain that Facebook statuses about men doing bad things will be a good way to make your views known and let off steam. Facebook statuses about men and their actions also get the message across to any misogynists stalking your Timeline. A variety of Facebook statuses concerning men and their ways can be found on this website.

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Facebook Statuses About Men
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"If more males would stand up and be men, then more females would sit down and be ladies"
Is wondering if it's legal to hire a sexy, naked man to do my ironing, while i sit & watch?
All the good men are either married, gay, or stuck with some bitch they can't get rid of. O_o
There's a Difference between Wanting and need needing Someone. Like I want but I Don't need You!
You're an asshole... True story.
why are boys such dicks?
never give someone control of you by telling them your wants and desires when they don't want or desire you.
Men work so hard to get your attention, once they have it they ignore you.
is still waiting for their knight in shining armour on a white horse to rescue their, knowing their luck they will get a twat in tin foil on a donkey!
I finally realised why men are assholes at times. They are just pissed because women have one of their ribs.
Facebook Statuses About Men
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Guys say that girls are SOOO complicated, but really . . . how hard is it to tell us we're pretty and give us chocolate?
But them things wasn't worth none of the pain that they brings
Most women prefer a knight in shining armor riding a white steed. Give me a guy in leathers riding a black Harley.
Wife : Sure. You stand by the ironing board and I'll sit on the couch and drink beer and fart!
Y do men mix me up? They say they want to and then change their minds and then blame u
says...Just call me "Toilet Paper" ! I seem to be drawn to assholes
For men who think.."A women's place is in the kitchen," Just remember, that's where the knives are kept!


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