If you are something of a feminist, it is almost certain that Facebook statuses about men doing bad things will be a good way to make your views known and let off steam. Facebook statuses about men and their actions also get the message across to any misogynists stalking your Timeline. A variety of Facebook statuses concerning men and their ways can be found on this website.

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Facebook Statuses About Men
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The best you can give anyone Kids,Family and Friends is Truth and Loyalty, But you must be first willing to give it to yourself.
why do men snore when they sleep on their backs?.. because their balls drop over their assholes and block the airway to the brain...
I don't chase. I replace. Remember that.
What is the words men hate when combined but love when you separate them???
Youre being weird...do you want sex...or did you do something bad??
It's amazing how someone that's supposed to make you feel good can make you feel so shitty. :(
feels like they's dating the same man over and over, only the names change
God created men first, cause you always make a rough copy before a master piece! lol <3
men should b tagged like cattle, so you know the good from the bad, which ones are taken & by whom, & whether they're safe to be around or just full of bull!
Was blinded by da bullshit for a few months but is nw well n truly bk on da I FUCKIN HATE MEN band wagon. they all need 2 grow larger pair of balls. hehe. oj :)
Facebook Statuses About Men
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COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING: Men are good for...
don't let the bastards get you down, turn it around with another round
Say's Why Do we bother with Men? All we get back is a fucked up head, A Broken Heart, A Sad Weekend. And They Walk Away Happy To The Next Bird.
Says.. men in their 20's play football, men in their 30's play tennis, men in their 40's play golf.. have you noticed when men get older the balls get smaller?!
The Problem CLEARLY Is that you, are a Dick Head :),
has a pain in her ass and needs an EXTRA LARGE economy size tube of Preparation H to make him disappear
Men are like paper plates..disposable, reusable, and ALWAYS replaceable
I mean shit they bought you things and gave you diamond rings

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