Mean Facebook Statuses

Being mean online is something people seem to have no trouble doing. If someone posts mean Facebook statuses about you, the question is, should you respond in kind? There is no easy answer. Sometimes it pays to post mean Facebook statuses right back. On other occasions, it may be better to respond with restraint to overly mean Facebook statuses, in order to win sympathy from your Facebook pals.

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Mean Facebook Statuses
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Let me know when your mouth is done using up all your energy so you are sitting still long enough for me kick your damn ass!!!
has never wanted to high five someone in the face so bad in their life! Really hard too!
thinks that bully's are a cunt and they could fuck them up
I love deleting comments to make people look like There talking to themselves xx :d
Me...Evil? Mean? Well...I blame the economy for my sinful ways...I had to sell my halo to Cash4Gold, times is hard!
when people put you down, get back up and push them down, kick dirt in there face and run away laughing... ha ha ha ha ha
.. so what you ARE gonna do is, take my order, take my money, give me what i have paid for and smile sweetly and suggest I have a "nice day" OK BITCH !!!
says.."let me find out i hurt your feelings so i can kick your ass for thinking i cared!"
is really going to try and be more mean...yeah I know hard to believe, but they believes they's too nice and people take advantage of that way too often
Definition of JACKASS: Person sitting there NOT ANSWERING you as you are walking around house calling to see if they are still home.
Mean Facebook Statuses
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If you don't have anything nice to say, whisper it in my ear, so we can laugh about it together :P
I've watched enough episodes of CSI & NCIS to get away with killing a stupid person and leaving no evidence! These thoughts brought to you from my happy place..
"Don't smile in my face and stab me in my back, Just kiss my Ass and move on with your pointless life"
Understands what FYI REALLY means...F@#k you idiot!!!
... i'd tell you to go fuck yourself .. but from what i've heard .. you wouldn't be very good at it ..
I like to smell stinky farts
Your Momma is So Fat... that It takes 2 planes and 3 bus rides to get to the bitch's good side
" ex-bitch be skankin'! "


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