Being mean online is something people seem to have no trouble doing. If someone posts mean Facebook statuses about you, the question is, should you respond in kind? There is no easy answer. Sometimes it pays to post mean Facebook statuses right back. On other occasions, it may be better to respond with restraint to overly mean Facebook statuses, in order to win sympathy from your Facebook pals.

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Mean Facebook Statuses
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You know my name, not my story, so shut up!
Don't you see. You treat me badly. The only reason I gave you more chances. Wasn't to get hurt again, but to see if you changed like you said you would.
u r Wat we call a dick rider.. u hv a bf but Ur talking 2 about 20 other guys
No amount of good deeds make up for lying..
If you have a problem with me fix it.
ugh! i wish someone would tell this girl shes a bitch...ACTUALLY I'll do it, YOU'RE A BITCH. :D.
I work my ass off pay taxes but yet still get food stamps...STOP YOUR BITCHING
"Don't smile in my face and stab me in my back, Just kiss my Ass and move on with your pointless life"
Real friends don't try and get your family involved in an argument and make snide comments to them, fake friends do, real friends try and work things out,
Stupid people should be fitted with a shock collar and smart people should have the remotes :) Maybe then we can teach them to act a little more intelligent.
Mean Facebook Statuses
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I've watched enough NCIS episodes to know.."i can kill you with out leaving any forensic evidence!!! so don't make me mad!!!
YOUR the 1 with a problem with me so why haven't you deleted me? oh that's its u still need to know whats goin on in my life coz ur life is so sad and boring
It's NOT Funny Talking about someone you don't Know, It's Disrespectful & Rude !
I'm not mean, I'm brutally honest. It's not my fault truth hurts.
If their is a bitch or ass hole in your and you like punching them go ahead and do it you'll feel better after you do it trust me
Insecure Bitches make the day more entertaining. Thanks Bethany
I'm not fake at all, the same thing I'll say about you behind your back..I'll say to your face
"Don't criticize anybody until you take a look in the mirror and realize all the imperfections you have."

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