Mean Facebook Statuses

Being mean online is something people seem to have no trouble doing. If someone posts mean Facebook statuses about you, the question is, should you respond in kind? There is no easy answer. Sometimes it pays to post mean Facebook statuses right back. On other occasions, it may be better to respond with restraint to overly mean Facebook statuses, in order to win sympathy from your Facebook pals.

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Mean Facebook Statuses
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Im Not Racist I Just Dont Like You !
stupidity is an idiots defence to life
If stupid were a seed, this place would be an orchard
"you said you loved me, i sneezed and said sorry, im allergic to bullshit"
hey here's a condom , wouldn't want you making the same mistake your mom did!
How I feel today!!
My momma told me I don't have to be nice to stupid people.
says, "When I'm down and think my life sucks; I just picture you and remember - it could be a lot worse!
Why is it when you're in a relationship you can't see things clearly but once you're out you stop, look back and ask yourself...WTF was I thinking???
wonders if I bring my boss a note from my doctor saying I have tourettes if I would be allowed to swear and yell at the customers?
Mean Facebook Statuses
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this is germanish if you cant understand it that means you are an idiot
You call it being mean, I call it honesty :)
"dude, fuck off.."excuse me.. you'll probably never ever see me again, so shut the fuck up and accept the fact that you'll never get what you want!"
So they say if someone wants to be found they will be...Ha! Well this bi#ch is sick of being found! Don't want me here then f#ck u my ass is not going anywhere.
so let me get this straight; you feel the need to make fun of me in order to make yourself feel better. wow..Ur not bitch at all are you??
" OH YEAH? why don't you come here and say that?"
Mei:you know what you remind me BRATTY SISTER!!
My wife says i never listen to here... at least i think that's what they said


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