Facebook Statuses About Love

Love is one of the hottest topics in social networking. Indeed, many people go looking for romance on the net, and a popular way to grab it is via love Facebook statuses. A way to pursue the object of your affection on Facebook is to post love Facebook statuses. However, you must be careful how you word Facebook statuses about love, as the wrong style could get you blocked!

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Facebook Statuses About Love
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last night, I tried to name all of the reasons why I love you by naming the stars. It was going great until I ran out of stars (: <3
the reason i go to bed is to feel the one memory that we shared. and i never want it to end but the ? is do u do the same?
love is the movement;<3
After our big fight, i never wanted to talk to u, then after 2 months i WANTED to talk to u!! u were all i could think about and u still are today! I love u! <3
Love isn't a word that should just be thrown around rather a word that should be savored and be used for truth and feeling in the heart and soul.
tired of getting hurt& being used.Tired of feeling 2 much 4 someone when they don't care.All i want is to be loved.U want2 be treated right?Treat me rite 1st!
"Why do we try changing positions tonight?" he asked
If you love me then i think i am in love with you <3
doesn't understand why when I"m with you all my worries go a way. When I'm not with you all i can do is look forward to the next time I see u. xoxo
Girl : Then ?
Facebook Statuses About Love
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one of life's most simple pleasures is spending time with those we love...
Woah. Your rather gorgeous aren't you now;)
is letting their imagination run away with their...if I'm not back in an hour don't come looking for me...I'm in a better place. :P
look at me I'm the one that's flirting
you know you love someone when you are willing to do things you've never done before and you would do in a heartbeat cause you know it made them happy.
Don't cry over me because of your mistakes cry over yourself because your the reason i left ;)
If you ever find your Soul Mate, don't EVER let them go.
Hey Cupid can you shoot both of us next time? Thanks. It would have been easier the first time dumb ass.


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