Facebook Statuses About Love

Love is one of the hottest topics in social networking. Indeed, many people go looking for romance on the net, and a popular way to grab it is via love Facebook statuses. A way to pursue the object of your affection on Facebook is to post love Facebook statuses. However, you must be careful how you word Facebook statuses about love, as the wrong style could get you blocked!

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Facebook Statuses About Love
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love is a nice thing that with closer to magic
when i look at you my heart skips a beat. when you talk to me my hands get sweaty and i get tongue-tied.if only you knew how much i love you.
i know what love is, i know i want it, so why cant i find it?
Makeup is nice and all, but it takes a real woman to not hide behind that mask.
` If you love someone, give them the option to leave, but never give them reason to.
... Lets spend forever together <3
Is clearing my head out and figuring things out on my own. Only time will tell what I want and I will do as I want.
After years of research I have learned no matter what the situation, the people, and the feelings involved - it's never worth fighting over.
Happy new year to the most beautiful people on earth; my friends and family. Love you all heaps xx xx
True happiness is not about a big laugh or tears of joy. It's about a simple smile whenever you remember someone who made your life simple yet completely Happy
Facebook Statuses About Love
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believes you should sing at the top of your lungs, dance like no one is watching and love like you've never been hurt
Most people play until it hurts. I play until the pain stops.
LAUGH- Hard and Long
When you smile at me, I blush and smile back. When we hug, I feel safe. When you talk to me, my heart stops and I can't stop smiling. I really like you. <3
U may find some1 better than me, worse than me, more exciting than me or so much more different than me. But there will never be another person the same as me
Would you follow me if i walked away?
I may be just an option to you, but I'm the preferred choice for someone else.
Just because you don't see each other doesn't mean that you have to break up! It's knowing that you love the person and would fight your way to see him/her! <3


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