Lonely Facebook Statuses

When you are feeling down and lonely, a great way to give yourself a boost is to look for a sympathetic response from your social networking pals. If you word lonely Facebook statuses in the right way, you are sure to win some sympathy. Well-written lonely Facebook statuses get great comments and "likes", but beware of coming across as too whiney in lonely Facebook statuses.

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Lonely Facebook Statuses
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I just need to get away...
On a silent night when friends are few, I close my eyes and think of you, A silent night, A silent tear, A silent wish that you were here xxx
Would anyone miss me if i was not here :'(
If you could choose between two paths, which would you choose? The Left - where nothing goes right, or the Right - Where there's nothing left?
Is feeling so lost, neglected n lonely n bored. I need of so real love and sum1 to hold me tight and tell me thing will be ok xox
I say I'm fine & OK, But really you know "who gives a Damn" & really don't want to hear or know.
I just wish i could sleep life away, But sleep doesn't come easy anymore :(
I roll down "Secluded Volcano" into "The River of Solitary". Then, I go down a waterfall and into "Desolate Forest" where I find "Lonesome Cave" and find "The Treasure of Forlorn". Being lonely sucksssssss!!!! :'(
I don't want to b needed I just need to b wanted =|
Thứ 7 ngày 25/5/2013 - 1 ngày đẹp trời và may mắn....
Lonely Facebook Statuses
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i'm feeling alone here ._.
Someone once told me that you have to cry all the tears out of your heart to make room for smiles :) So its okay to cry no matter what.. Remember that :) xXx ImBullyFree xXx
thinks if people put as much energy into exercising their bodies and mind as much as they do running their mouths this world would be a better place! ~Don't Bully®©
Off to sleep and dream about my favorite place in the world, right next to you wrapped in your arms. Now if only I could make that wish my reality. IM TIRED OF WISHING!!
HATE becomes a disease, It changes your perception. While LOVE, grows and it changes you.
Wo Ankhoon main Bat Karna , ;) Wo batoon batoon main rat karna
Rate Me-1.love you, 2.hate you, 3.your cute, 4.your ugly, 5.best friend, 6.your amazing, 7.i want you, 8.i don't like you, 9.let's hang out, 10.leave me alone


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