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Lonely Facebook Statuses
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Wants to know why is it that no one remembers the good, they only remember your mistakes? :(
Has the feeling that there is a hole in my heart and no matter how hard I try it never heals, but when something goes wrong it only grows bigger. </3
Feels like they's falling apart, and doesn't know how to fix it.
I feel the gentle breeze as it caresses each tree..I sense my freedom and independence in the world.. and for one moment want to be held in your arms <3
no words to define my status rite now!
sitting here thinking of a guy wanting to tell him she likes him feels he may like her back but to scared to say anything in case he doesn't
The glass isn't half empty, or half full ...It's fucking shattered - Dana Mccoy
Its hard to forget about someone you care about ,when lots of things remind you of them :-(
When I say "I'm fine." What I really mean is that I'm Fucked up Insecure Neurotic and Emotional. Just fine. Thanks.
I can only crash so many times before I shatter
Lonely Facebook Statuses
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is missing someone a ton and doesn't know how to make it stop or get over it! :(
Anyone can give you what u want. Tell you that you're pretty & promise you the world & buy u diamonds. Findin someone to give u wht u need is the hard part.
having some Me time. It's Peaceful.
that one person you will always love, and never get over. well that person down deep hopefully love you back.
knows that it's probably best to keep my true feelings to myself, even if it is hard to do so.
I smile, I say I am okay, I laugh! But really I am not inside. I have a lot of fun with friends but when I am alone I feel as if there is no1 there for me!:(
~My shadow's the only one that walks beside me. My heart's the only one that's beating. Someday I hope someone will find me. 'Til then I'll walk alone.~
The day you realize you want me will be the day i stop wanting you, the day i wipe away the tears, hold my head up high and think fuck you you're not worth it.

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