Lonely Facebook Statuses

When you are feeling down and lonely, a great way to give yourself a boost is to look for a sympathetic response from your social networking pals. If you word lonely Facebook statuses in the right way, you are sure to win some sympathy. Well-written lonely Facebook statuses get great comments and "likes", but beware of coming across as too whiney in lonely Facebook statuses.

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Lonely Facebook Statuses
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wishes i could say what i want to, to the the person i want to say it to!
has finally accepted that they will NEVER be good enough for anyone </3
Star light.. Star Bright.. Where the hell is Mr. Right? I'm lonely, and now I'm even worse.. fml
Sometimes You miss someone sooo much that You wish u could pick them up from your dreams & HUG them for REAL ! <3
If I never came home would anyone even notice?
Sometimes you have to make that decision about what is worth fighting for & what isn't worth fixing. This is one of those times.
All I want is someone to hold me, someone to kiss me, someone to catch me when I fall, someone to love me forever. Is that so much to ask for?
Its better to be home alone...than to be at home wishing you were alone
Is hard to think about you is not the same without you I'm here alone and crying all i want is you to come back to me
sometimes you just need to have a little cry. It doesn't fix things, but it makes you feel a tiny bit better
Lonely Facebook Statuses
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Love is a fragile little bird, it needs care and nurturing. You cant clip it's wings it will become resentful, you cant let it fly free it may not come home.
is missing their partner in crime...
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it sure makes the rest of you lonely. - Charlie Brown.
Is sick of falling and having no one there to pick their up.
Sometimes I want to send a mass message of all the things gone wrong in my life to everyone.
I told u that I loved u. I helped u through it all, u said u were going to kill ur self & I started to ball, I poured my heat out 2 u but u said fuck it all </3
When life gets you down, hold your head high, put a big smile on your face, and try to act like you're not crying inside
is waiting for the guy who can always make me smile, hold my hand, wake up next to me in the morning, and actually make me a priority in their life...


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