When you are feeling down and lonely, a great way to give yourself a boost is to look for a sympathetic response from your social networking pals. If you word lonely Facebook statuses in the right way, you are sure to win some sympathy. Well-written lonely Facebook statuses get great comments and "likes", but beware of coming across as too whiney in lonely Facebook statuses.

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Lonely Facebook Statuses
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says maybe I don't want to be who u want me to be, maybe I'm me and that's all I will ever be..Love me or hate me, but maybe you're not who you're suppose to be
knows that I am not alone when I feel like I am. I know that God is still by my side no matter what. Dear God, please answer my prayers. Thank you God. Amen.
If you could choose between two paths, which would you choose? The Left - where nothing goes right, or the Right - Where there's nothing left?
thinks if people put as much energy into exercising their bodies and mind as much as they do running their mouths this world would be a better place! ~Don't Bully®©
There is a place I run to when I'm scared or lonely...I wonder if you know that place is you?
Doesn't even have the strength to lie and say everything is fine anymore..
I just wish i could sleep life away, But sleep doesn't come easy anymore :(
I just need to get away...
everybody needs love.. well obviously I'm not everybody
is feeling BLAH. Bitchy, Lonely, Angry and Hurting
Lonely Facebook Statuses
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If you feel lonely, just throw rocks at people. You can never be lonely if people are chasing you.
I smile, I say I am okay, I laugh! But really I am not inside. I have a lot of fun with friends but when I am alone I feel as if there is no1 there for me!:(
When you finally notice I'm gone don't bother looking for me you've made it clear you don't care
Then maybe someone would come save me..
On a silent night when friends are few, I close my eyes and think of you, A silent night, A silent tear, A silent wish that you were here xxx
Is feeling so lost, neglected n lonely n bored. I need of so real love and sum1 to hold me tight and tell me thing will be ok xox
No calls, no texts, nothing. And I'm still sitting here missing you like hell.
Eventually I won't come back after I've said I'm done. One of these days, I'll honestly mean it and you won't be able to stop me or change my mind.

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