When you are feeling down and lonely, a great way to give yourself a boost is to look for a sympathetic response from your social networking pals. If you word lonely Facebook statuses in the right way, you are sure to win some sympathy. Well-written lonely Facebook statuses get great comments and "likes", but beware of coming across as too whiney in lonely Facebook statuses.

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Lonely Facebook Statuses
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I roll down "Secluded Volcano" into "The River of Solitary". Then, I go down a waterfall and into "Desolate Forest" where I find "Lonesome Cave" and find "The Treasure of Forlorn". Being lonely sucksssssss!!!! :'(
If you could choose between two paths, which would you choose? The Left - where nothing goes right, or the Right - Where there's nothing left?
Would anyone miss me if i was not here :'(
On a silent night when friends are few, I close my eyes and think of you, A silent night, A silent tear, A silent wish that you were here xxx
I just need to get away...
Then maybe someone would come save me..
why do i do this to myself? yeah, they is beautiful, but they is way too beautiful for a guy like me. feels like i'm just setting myself up for another failure.
really needs a cuddle! :P
Lonely, sad, heartbroke and mad! I hate men right now!
Lonely Facebook Statuses
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i may be the girl who cant stop smiling but i am also the girl who cant say what they wants to
Alone, always alone! I guess lonely is just something I'll have to get use to!
As i stand here at your grave looking down at the very last spot you were laid but then i glance up in the sky trying see if your face is in the clouds.
It's amazing how you can be friends with someone for years & one day out of the blue they turn on you...& you realise that you never really knew them at all.
Feelings are Feelings! We can not change that! We feel what we feel and we live what we live, and people need to get used to it!!!
is wondering what could have been if circumstances were different, and wonders when the wondering will stop.
is..Temporarily Out Of Service and in need of repair, but not sure the problem can be fixed...
says . . . Insomnia is a good way to get your quiet time. But it does get a little lonely being the only one awake in the middle of the night.

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